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HighFinesse GmbH
Laser and Electronic Systems
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25 October 2023
Unlock the Next Generation of Wavelength Measurement
The HighFinesse Wavelength Meters are the unsurpassed high-end instruments for wavelength measurement of pulsed and continuous laser sources. The unmatched precision of the WS series is achieved by using non-moving Fizeau interferometers in a unique configuration. With an absolute accuracy of 2 MHz and a measurement resolution of 200 kHz the WS8-2 is the ultimate solution for frequency monitoring and stabilization tasks. The photonic crystal switch technology enables the quasi-simultaneous measurement of up to 8 channels over a broad wavelength range. All this makes the WS8-2 a versatile, compact, and reliable tool for all laser applications in quantum physics, quantum computing, manufacturing, and atomic clocks. With the Next Generation Wavemeters, you can benefit from very recent progress and improvements in software and hardware development. These make the instrument more powerful and versatile.