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A global community, an individualized approach

SPIE Membership is deeply rooted in our foundational pillars of engaging in lifelong learning, growing professionally, and building networks. Our benefits help Members all over the world advance their careers, push the frontier of research, stay at the cutting edge of technology, and build fruitful collaborations. This looks different for every Member — and at every career stage.

SPIE Member benefits

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1-year $135

3-years $350

Lifetime $995

Emeritus $45

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1-year $55

3-years $150

5-years $250

Early Career Membership is offered for five years after receiving your degree.

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Student Member

1-year $20

Student Membership is offered to students who have not yet attained their terminal degree (including all doctoral degrees). Post-docs and Members working on a second PhD or an additional advanced degree/certificate are welcome to join as Early Career Members.

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Membership dues are non-refundable and non-transferable.