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Taiwan Information Storage Association

Taiwan Information Storage Association

Photonics Clusters


The ALPHA-Route des Lasers et des Hyperfréquences (ALPHA-RLH) competitiveness cluster works with companies and laboratories in setting up, evaluating, and funding innovative projects. The cluster brings together talent in photonics and microwave technologies and facilitates progress and innovation in service to economic development.

bayern photonics eV

bayern photonics eV is a cluster initiative of companies and research institutions from Bavaria that want to pursue common paths to develop and use optical technologies. The cluster convenes working groups, promotes young talent, provides startup advice, and represents their members through trade fairs.

Clúster Mexicano de Fotonica (CMF)

The Mexican Photonics Cluster is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to integrating productive sectors enabled by light-based technologies, to identify and promote synergies that accelerate the technological, ecological and economic development of industries based in Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Colorado Photonics Industry Association (CPIA)

CPIA is a non-profit association of industrial, educational, and governmental entities involved in research, development, and/or the sale of products and services that involve photonics technologies, and promotes the photonics industry both within and outside Colorado for the enhancement of its members.

Czech Optical Cluster

Czech Optical Cluster improves the conditions for optical industry development in the Czech Republic through cooperation of companies, the public sector, and the educational sector in the entire value chain in the fields of optics and photonics, including related production, technology, and service development in supplier’s and customer’s domain.

Electronics & Photonics Innovation Centre (EPIC)

EPIC is a cutting-edge facility offering world-class labs, offices, and a classified cleanroom, unparalleled technical capabilities for research, development, and product innovation across diverse sectors like microelectronics, photonics, medtech, agritech, marinetech, and aerospace.

Florida Photonics Cluster (FPC)

The FPC supports the growth and profitability of the photonics industry through the strength of a unified voice and to make Florida the place to go for photonics solutions. The driving forces of the FPC are networking opportunities with industry peers, an expansive resource base, and an educational community focused on industry input for curriculum development.

HansePhotonik eV

HansePhotonik eV is the regional innovation network for optical technologies in northern Germany. The cluster believes that optical technologies are increasingly important in almost all areas of life, especially in communication and data technology, medicine, biotechnology and manufacturing technology.

Hellenic Photonics Cluster (H-Phos)

HPhos comprises a founding core of knowledge-intensive enterprises and research organizations that provide various photonics products and services for industrial manufacturing and automation, telecoms, defense and security, cultural heritage, food, health, environment, energy efficiency and conversion.

Klaster Fotoniki)

Klaster Fotoniki is a cooperative that supports every sector of the photonics industry in Poland to strengthen companies and increase competitiveness.

Innovate UK KTN

KTN exists to connect innovators with new partners and new opportunities beyond their existing thinking, accelerating ambitious ideas into real-world solutions. KTN operates across a diverse range of UK industries including photonics, quantum, sensors, space, energy, and biotechnology.


The Laser and Engineering Technologies Cluster or LITEK™ seeks to develop world-class optical technolgies by establishing and supporting various R&D activities in Lithuania. LITEK™ enables companies to develop and implement innovative ideas and accelerate the development of value-added business growth and international competitiveness.

Lithuanian Laser Association

The Association brings together institutions and enterprises for the development of its activities in photonic and laser technologies – identified as one of the approved Smart Specialization priorities of the Lithuanian Government


Mi-Light brings together professionals from companies, academia and organizations dedicated to mutually supporting and growing Michigan's photonics industry. Mi-Light promotes and grows an internationally-recognized talent pool and leverages strong industrial and academic capabilities in order to expand the photonics industry, attract funding, and stimulate innovation in Michigan.


Minalogic is a digital technology cluster that helps all of its stakeholders make business connections through targeted, qualified introductions and create opportunities to innovate and grow at the national, European, and international levels.

Montana Photonics Industry Alliance

The Montana Photonics Industry Alliance serves as a hub for Montana’s optics, photonics, and quantum companies, entrepreneurs, laboratories, and universities to commercialize, grow and sustain globally leading organizations that create high quality jobs and economic opportunity in Montana.

NanoMikroWerksoffePhotonik eV

NanoMicroMaterialsPhotonics e.V. promotes nanotechnology, microsystems technology, advanced materials, and photonics in the Northrhine-Westfalia region. NMWP serves as a platform for an exchange between industry, politics and research and supports academic and professional education.

New York Photonics Industry Association

New York Photonics is a not-for-profit organization founded to promote and enhance the New York State optics, photonics and imaging industry by fostering the cooperation of business, academia and government.

OpTecBB eV

Optec-Berlin-Brandenburg eV is the regional innovation network for optical technologies and microsystems technology in the states of Berlin and Brandenburg. OpTecBB supports securing skilled workers, promoting foreign trade trade fairs and internationalization, start-ups, location marketing and PR, and political advice and lobbying.

OptecNet Deutschland eV

OptecNet Deutschland eV is the association of nine regional networks in the field of optical technologies in Germany at the national level. The network supports supra-regional and international activities such as international cooperation, technology transfer and innovation promotion, the promotion of young talent and Germany-wide public relations work.

Optence eV

As a forum for cooperation and knowledge transfer in the photonics industry, Optence eV has been supporting connections between optics companies and research for over 20 years and, as an innovation network for optical technologies, contributes to generating and accelerating innovations through numerous activities.

Optical Society of Southern California (OSSC)

OSSC was founded in 1951 to increase and disseminate the knowledge of optics and closely allied sciences bringing together the optics and photonics Community in Southern California. The Society is a local section of Optica and meets on the second Wednesday of each month from October through June.

Optics Valley - Arizona Technology Council

Optics Valley is the industry cluster that helps its members thrive through business acceleration, workforce development, startup support, and connections to local and worldwide opportunities. Optics Valley is a committee of the Arizona Technology Council.

Optics Valley of China (OVC)

OVC is also known as the Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, a planned area of 518 square kilometers and a population of about 1.8 million. It has 42 institutes of higher learning, 56 research institutes, and more than 300,000 professional and technical personnel, making Optics Valley one of the three most talent-intensive areas in China.

Optoelectronics Industry and Tech Development Association (OITDA)

OITDA actively conducts a wide range of activities, such as research and study, to promote and support technological development and further standardization for optoelectronics industry. The association seeks to raise awareness of optoelectronics technology worldwide, through cooperating with similar associations in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

OptoNet eV

Optonet eV is the central German photonics cluster that promotes technological future topics, strengthens international visibility, initiates cooperative partnerships, and attracts skilled workers to the region.


Optonique is a non-profit organization that contributes to the development of Quebec’s photonics industry by mobilizing all players in the Quebec photonics sector – research centers, educational institutions, and industry partners – around the common objectives of innovation, growth and competitiveness.

Photon Delta

As a European hub for the integrated photonics industry, PhotonDelta is an ecosystem that researches, designs, develops, and manufactures solutions, which contribute to a better world. The hub provides opportunities for investment, research and development, manufacturing, and strategic roadmapping.

PhotonicNet GmbH

PhotonicNet GmbH is the regional innovation network for optical technologies for Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. Together with its partners, PhotonicNet develops nationally oriented forums, workshops, and working groups on current development trends in different technological fields.

Photonics Austria

Photonics Austria is the Austrian platform for light technology, creating a network that serves business, research, and academia in order to achieve a strong presence in photonics nationally and abroad.

Photonics Bretagne

Photonics Bretagne is a Photonics Innovation Hub composed of a business cluster and a Research and Technology Organisation (RTO). Photonics Bretagne gathers companies, research centres, education institutions, and support agencies to support innovation, and to promote and develop the photonics sector in Brittany.

Photonics BW eV

Photonics BW eV is the regional innovation network for optical technologies in Baden-Württemberg. Photonics BW acts as a cross-industry platform for intensive professional exchange on photonics and quantum technologies.

Photonics Finland

Photonics Finland is a technology cluster that drives forward the photonics industry and research in Finland. It connects photonics companies, universities, research institutes, and public authorities.

Photonics France

Photonics France brings together manufacturers, researchers, teachers, training organizations, and industry associations to promote and defend the French photonics sector, and also to train and recruit the leaders of tomorrow.

Photonics Industry Development Association (PIDA)

PIDA promotes the photonics industry in Taiwan focusing on optics, optoelectronic, electro-optics, compound semiconductors, and affiliated material and equipment. PIDA provides training, technology promotion, and international networking to accelerate industry growth.

Photonics Israel Society

Photonics Israel is the cluster of the photonics entities in Israel that operates within the Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates in Technological Sciences in Israel (AEAi). The Society connects the photonics ecosystem in Israel, to enable significant growth of its members and the national economy, and to promote international cooperation.

Photonics Scotland

Photonics Scotland is a community for all photonics and photonics-enabled organizations in Scotland that seeks to raise the profile of the sector, help grow the thriving cluster, and drive innovation in photonics. The association provides a range of events, working groups, and networking opportunities that drive collaboration between industrial and academic partners.


The mission of PhotonicsNL is to stimulate photonics and optics innovation and economic activity in the Netherlands. The association organizes and facilitates networking, knowledge transfer, and collaboration between members as well as in European projects and with other national clusters.


PhotonicSweden is the Swedish national platform in optics and photonics. The cluster catalyzes cooperation between companies, universities, and institutes in Sweden and across the national borders to promote and increase the awareness of the strategic importance of optics and photonics for the future of Sweden.

Photons Canada

Photons Canada, the Canadian Photonic Industry Consortium is a business-led photonics exchange organization embracing the whole value chain from researchers to photonic companies and end-users. Its mandate is to network end-users, photonic industries, universities and institutions with the objective of accelerating the growth of the Canadian industry through photonics.

Pole SCS

Pole SCS is working to encourage innovation and R&D projects in optics and photonics.


PromOptica creates synergy among its members from industry, research, and academia to promote the applications of optics and photonics nationally and globally. The platform supports the activities of its members, by hosting conferences, meetings, seminars and specialized exhibitions as well as representing Belgian optics abroad.


secpho is a technological innovation cluster made up of companies, technology centers, research groups, and experts in deep tech, who firmly believe in collaboration. secpho focuses on generating business opportunities for companies, facilitating access to projects for technology centers and research groups, and promoting innovation in the field of deep tech.


SPECTARIS is the German Industry Association for Optics, Photonics, Analytical and Medical Technologies serving the hightech medium-sized business sector and representative body in the areas of medical technology, consumer optics, analytical, bio and laboratory technology as well as photonics.

Swiss Photonics

Swiss Photonics is a non-profit association that seeks to improve the competitiveness of its members through the support of innovation forces. Swiss Photonics serves the full field of photonics, including material processing with lasers, photonic manufacturing, imaging, photonics in life sciences, optical communication, photovoltaics and lighting.


Swissmem is the leading association for both SMEs and major corporations in the Swiss technology industry. Swissmem provides professional advice, extensive networks, and support in digitalization while also, at a political level, advocating good framework conditions and an innovative centre of industry in Switzerland.

Systematic - Paris Region Deep Tech Ecosystem

The Optics and Photonics Hub of Systematic seeks to become a recognized player in the sector, promoting the industry and uniting the Paris Region community, while remaining connected to France, Europe, and the world. The Hub links photonics with other Deep Tech sectors, both in terms of market access and in terms of cross-cutting issues such as access to talents, visibility and promotion of entrepreneurial culture.

Wetzlar Network

The Wetzlar Network is an industrial network in the areas of optics, electronics, and mechanics that aims to strengthen the regional economic area and actively promote the development of those industries within the region, nationally, and in the international competitive environment.


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