SPIE Official Contractors

Don’t fall prey to scammers – review the list of SPIE Official Contractors before ordering products and services.

Look for the Official Contractor Logo

In an effort to protect our customers, SPIE recommends the use of approved contractors. These companies have been vetted by SPIE and offer legitimate products and services, and should display the Official Contractor symbol on their order forms and email correspondence. Verify contractors by downloading the approved list for each SPIE event, found below.

Warning: Exercise due diligence and caution when approached by vendors not endorsed by SPIE. Fraudulent companies pose a threat as they disrupt the process, cause confusion with exhibitors, and in some cases receive funds from unsuspecting exhibitors with no intent to fulfill their promise. These companies are NOT affiliated with SPIE and are NOT authorized by SPIE to contact exhibitors. Do not reply to these requests. Your personal contact information is never posted online by SPIE and is only shared with our Official Contractors.

Click on the event logo to download list of official contractors