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Upcoming Courses at SPIE Conferences

Courses are back

In-person courses are scheduled at the following events. Click below for more information including lists of courses, schedules, and prices. 

Photonics West
Advanced Lithography
Medical Imaging
Astronomical Instrumentation + Telescopes
Defense + Commercial Sensing
Optics + Photonics

Supplement your conference experience with SPIE courses

Supplement your conference experience with SPIE courses

Learn directly from world-renowned experts from industry and academia.

SPIE courses are half-day to two-day sessions in subjects that range from core fundamentals in optical and optomechanical design to intermediate and advanced topics across a wide spectrum of optics and photonics technology.

Additional benefits of live course instruction include networking with instructors and professionals in your field, printed copies of presentation slides, and supplementary textbooks.

Information for course instructors and attendees

Instructor Guidelines
Attendee Information

SPIE instructor spotlight

James G. Fujimoto

James. G. Fujimoto
Elihu Thomson Professor of Electrical Engineering,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(United States)

Daniel Vukobratovich

Daniel Vukobratovich
Senior Principal Engineer,
(United States)

Bernard Kress

Bernard Kress
XR Hardware

(United States)

Jessica DeGroote-Nelson

Jessica DeGroote-Nelson
Senior Director of Optical Product Development
Edmund Optics
(United States)


SC935: Introduction to Lens Design
Instructor: Julie Bentley

"Most courses do not live up to my expectations. This one exceeded my expectations.Tip of the hat!"

SC454: Fabrication Technologies for Micro- and Nano-Optics
Instructor: Thomas Suleski

"Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic speaker. Easily explained complex ideas and theory simply."
SC014: Introduction to Optomechanical Design
Instructor: Daniel Vukobratovich

"This was one of the best technical courses I have ever taken. It had a great balance of theoretical background and very practical equations, rules of thumb and examples. His stories of real world experiences added great insight and other comedic relief. What I learned today will help me in my profession immediately."
SC1096: Head Mounted Displays for Augmented Reality Applications
Instructors: Michael Browne and James Melzer

"A very good course - well put together demos and examples of imaging issues associated with HMDs. Instructors were knowledgeable on the subject matter and engaged the class readily."
SC312: Principles and Applications of Optical Coherence Tomography
Instructor: James Fujimoto

"Great course from the inventor! What more can you ask for."
SC1181: Ultrafast Lasers and Amplifiers
Instructor: Rüdiger Paschotta

"Great job! I really learned a lot and can't wait to use the info on the job."
SC1232: Introduction to Lidar for Autonomous Vehicles
Instructor: Joseph Shaw

"Instructor is an awesome speaker, high energy. Tons of great info and presented in an organized format. Highly recommend this class!"
SC1174: Improving Laser Reliability, an Introduction
Instructors: William Grossman and Cheryl Asbury

"Excellent - I'm glad I invested the time to take this course. The real-world-examples were extremely instructive and valuable."

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