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07 December 2023
New and improved pulse detection firmware ("FWPD") now available for the ADQ3-series digitizer family
The pulse detection FPGA firmware option, “FWPD”, enables data-driven pulse acquisition that helps reduce the data transfer rate and equips the ADQ3-series with sophisticated tools to acquire and analyze pulse attributes in real-time: Peak amplitude and position (timestamp) Pulse duration (full-width half max, FWHM) Pulse area (sum) It also features the Digital Baseline Stabilizer (DBS) that corrects for temperature-dependent baseline drift and so-called pattern noise originating from time-interleaved analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). FWPD also supports intelligent zero suppression for unipolar pulses including: Zero-length records to signal empty frames Transfer buffer eject to ensure minimal latency Trigger blocking to suppress events outside the frame Gated acquisition controlled via external ports