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Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH
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04 December 2023
Brandnew since Januar 2024 on offer: The perfect pair of IR emitters and detectors – available from stock.
The new pyro bundles are a perfectly matched set of IR emitters and detectors. It contains 5 premium NAC infrared emitters from the JSIR 350 series - for precise and reliable measurements. The Pyro Bundle is equipped with a 2-channel pyrodetector from the MPS2SENS series, which is optimized for the measurement of infrared radiation. This gives you the perfect solution for special applications in the field of pyrometry. The benefits of pyro detectors at a glance: ▶ Highly sensitive ▶ Long-term stable ▶ High detectivity: up to 4.0*108 cm√Hz/W ▶ High sensitivity: up to 200 000 V/W ▶ For use in aerospace, defense and medical technology