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03 January 2024
New SPECTRA X Light Engine
With more than a decade of proven performance, Lumencor’s SPECTRA X Light Engine is a 1st choice illuminator for researchers worldwide. Fluorescence microscopists value both brightness and spectral flexibility. Exchangeable filters allow for all the freedom of a breadboard excitation subsystem in a compact, easy-to-use box. This updated 2023 SPECTRA X has a lot to offer. Improvements include: -Solid-state sources efficiently excite more fluorophores -Near-infrared wavelengths (Cy7 excitation) are a standard output -Increased optical power -Onboard microprocessor with easy-to-use GUI -Linear optical output power control What remains the same is SPECTRA X’s user-exchangeable bandpass filters in a compact, turnkey illuminator. Spectral output can readily be adjusted to meet experimental requirements. This feature is even more useful due to the broader spectral range now available. Outstanding stability and reproducibility remain guaranteed.