18 - 22 August 2024
San Diego, California, US

Nanoscience + Engineering Applications

The preeminent nanotechnology conference on nanoscale developments that are transforming technology and creating new applications

Featuring 12 conferences on:

  • Nanoscience
  • Quantum sciences and technology
Includes metamaterials, active photonic platforms, nanophotonic materials, plasmonics, quantum materials and devices, optical trapping, spintronics, nanostructured devices, nanoengineering, nanoimaging, nanospectroscopy, low-dimensional materials, and artificial intelligence. Browse papers

2024 Nanoscience + Engineering Applications Plenary speakers

Hui Cao

Yale Univ.
(United States)

Jason Valentine

Vanderbilt Univ.
(United States)

2024 Featured Plenary - 2023 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics

Anne L'Huillier

Lund Univ.

2024 Sustainability Plenary speakers

Joseph J. Berry

National Renewable Energy Lab.
(United States)

Alexandra Boltasseva

Purdue Univ. (United States) and
The Quantum Science Ctr.,
Oak Ridge National Lab. (United States)

2024 Symposium Chairs

Giovanni Volpe

Göteborgs Univ.

Sonja Franke-Arnold

Univ. Glasgow
(United Kingdom)

2024 Symposium Co-chairs

Gennady Shvets

Cornell Univ.
(United States)

Cornelia Denz

Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt