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10 May 2023
Digi-Key, Electroverge Now Stocking M3 Developer’s Kits
New Scale announces online availability of its products at Digi-Key (for worldwide customers) and electroverge (for USA customers). DIGI-KEY SUPPLIER CENTER New Scale Technologies’ Digi-Key Supplier Center is a convenient new option to purchase developer’s kits for New Scale’s M3 Smart Modules. New Scale’s developer’s kits are available now from stock at the new Supplier Center, Developer’s kits on Digi-Key include the M3-LS Linear Smart Stage, the M3-RS-U2 Rotary Smart Stage, the M3-F and M3-FS Smart Focus Module, and the M3-L Smart Linear Actuator dev kit. The Supplier Center also includes links to educational resources, documentation, and videos for M3 Smart Modules, “all-in-one” motion systems with embedded controllers that enable smallest size and fastest integration into OEM instruments. ELECTROVERGE.COM WEB STORE For customers in the USA, the webstore by Micro Technology Group (MTG) carries New Scale’s developer’s kits, as well as its M3 Micro Motion Modules in single units and larger quantities. MTG sales engineers help customers specify and use these products. MTG account managers have a high level of specialized product knowledge, technical expertise, and an average of over twenty-five years of service. See Micro Motion Modules at ADDITIONAL SALES AND SUPPORT OPTIONS For customers worldwide, New Scale supports a network of professional distributors who can answer questions, provide quotes, and sell M3 Modules and developer’s kits. Many have developer’s kits in stock. Distributors are listed at
22 May 2023
Optics industry veteran Christopher Meetze named Sales Manager at New Scale Technologies
Optics industry veteran Christopher Meetze has joined New Scale Technologies as Sales Manager for the company’s standard and custom micropositioning product line, including its M3 modules for embedded motion in commercial and industrial instruments, and its MPM neural probe positioning systems for electrophysiology research. Meetze has more than 18 years of experience at Navitar, Inc., a Rochester, NY manufacturer of precision optics for biotech, medical, security, and industrial applications. His roles at Navitar included regional business management and regional, industrial, and international sales management. He provided consultative sales and support to Navitar customers designing systems for machine vision, automation, imaging, metrology, biometrics, microscopy, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles and more. He has three years of prior experience in sales at LaserMax. “Navitar and New Scale serve similar industries, with complementary products and overlapping customers, and I am excited to have Chris bring his experience to our team,” said David Henderson, CEO of New Scale Technologies. “His strong background in consultative sales and knowledge of the markets we serve will greatly benefit our current and future customers.” About New Scale Technologies, Inc. New Scale Technologies creates and manufactures miniature motion systems that make our customers more competitive. We make small, precise, and smart motion modules that embed drive, control, and digital communications inside. Our customers benefit from dramatically simplified integration, enhanced performance, and accelerated deployment, especially for OEM products, robotic automation, IoT and I4.0 applications. Our products are used by organizations that make medical instruments, smart phone cameras, extended reality devices, neural recording measurements, and automated metrology tools. Our skilled staff has decades of experience inventing and producing micro mechatronic systems that integrate precision mechanisms, microelectronics, and plug-and-play software. Visit
01 December 2023
New Scale Technologies Launches Developer’s Kit for New Miniature Two-Axis Two-Mirror Beam Steering System
Simple, Precise, Point-to-Point Beam Steering and Easy Integration into Quantum Computing, Remote Sensing, Free Space Optical Communications, Medical Lasers, & Defense Systems New Scale Technologies, Inc. has announced the availability of a developer’s kit for a two-axis, two-mirror beam steering system using the company’s M3 Rotary Smart Stages. The DK-M3-RS-U2-2M-20-L Developer’s Kit features miniature piezo smart stages with built-in closed-loop controllers for simple, precise point-to-point beam steering and easy integration into medical, industrial, telecom, aerospace, and defense applications. Miniature Size, Modular Form Factor The complete piezoelectric beam steering system houses the motors, position sensors, bearings, drive electronics and embedded firmware inside each of the kit’s two miniature rotary stages. Each stage simply requires the input of DC power and digital commands to operate; the direct input of high-level digital commands from a system processor, 3.3 VDC input, and the ability to hold position with no power supports its use in battery-powered and portable instruments. David Henderson, CEO of New Scale Technologies, says, “Our customers continuously demand smaller, lighter weight, higher performing components that are easy to design in. We’re proud to offer incredible levels of repeatable precision in a system 25x smaller than traditional systems with bulky external controllers.” Features and Specifications • 11.75 x 21.9 x 16 mm per stage, continuous 360° rotary motion • Mounted mirrors, laser, and two-axis base • Closed-loop controller embedded in each stage, no separate electronics needed • Angular resolution ~21.9727 m deg closed loop, built-in absolute position sensor • Millisecond step and settle times • Holds position with zero power and no jitter • 3.3 VDC input Price and Availability The DK-M3-RS-U2-2M-20-L Developer’s Kit includes two smart stages, mounted mirrors, a 650nm collimated laser, base, demo breakout board, cables, USB adapter, and New Scale Pathway software for system evaluation and development. The breakout board allows users to easily evaluate the rotary stages with scope probable access to digital communication channels. Users can easily swap in their own laser, mirrors, and base to test their photonics application. About New Scale Technologies, Inc. New Scale Technologies develops and manufactures the smallest and most precise closed-loop positioning solutions available. Our “all-in-one” M3 Smart Modules – piezoelectric motor systems with built-in controllers – are easy to integrate into handheld and portable instruments. They enable smaller, smarter imaging systems, scientific instruments, medical devices, aerospace and defense systems and more. Our customers achieve the fastest time to market with the lowest total cost.