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04 December 2023
Optikos Introduces the ColliMeter(TM) to Precisely Measure Set Up and Qualification of Collimators
For most of our 40+ years, Optikos has manufactured, aligned, and installed refractive and reflective collimators with our definitive lens and camera measurements systems. Our quest to generate the best possible wavefronts on equipment ranging--from our standard OpTest® systems to missile seeker test stations, and from our compact Meridian® target projectors to the tracking telescopes at Cape Canaveral--has led to the development of sophisticated alignment apparatus and techniques. In response to numerous customer requests we are now pleased to offer this instrumentation for sale under our ColliMeter™ family brand. From the visible to the LWIR, and from small to large aperture systems, customers are now able to set the collimation of a source object, or to determine the apparent distance of a projected object. The ColliMeter™ family employs a scanning pentaprism technique referenced in ISO 11421 to measure the wavefront slope across an aperture. Sub-aperture centroids are recorded as a function of pupil location, essentially producing a classical ray fan plot. A perfect collimator produces a straight line with slope related to the departure of the apparent object distance from infinity. For a real-world refractive collimator with a polychromatic light source, the plot conforms to higher order aberrations and statistical analysis is used to determine defocus. Besides measuring collimation and defocus, the ColliMeter™ 350 can be fitted with an optional autocollimator module for coalignment of the source object to reference features on the collimating optic. Two ColliMeter™ instruments are offered: The ColliMeter™ 350 for larger collimators in which the beam is horizontal and the instrument is brought to the collimating system, and the benchtop ColliMeter™ 50 in which smaller projectors are mounted vertically on the instrument. Visit us at Photonics West booth 1057 to see our new ColliMeter and learn more.
04 December 2023
Optikos Announces New Long Wave Infrared Static Target Projector (LWIR STP) for Automotive Thermal Camera Applications
The LWIR STP is the most recent addition to the Meridian® family of camera testing products, designed specifically to serve the needs of the burgeoning automotive thermal camera industry. This projector produces a static virtual object that serves as the stimulus when testing the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) of LWIR cameras, often for active alignment or end of line testing in a production environment. It does, however, differ from the visible and NIR Meridian Target Projector products by offering both user configurability and on-board thermal source controls. At the heart of the LWIR STP is an extended blackbody source that may be set to the desired temperature, either from a computer over the power+RS485 interface bus, or directly from the three-button interface on the rear panel where the actual source temperature is also displayed. An aperture target at ambient (“background”) temperature mounted in front of this source is collimated by a germanium objective lens. Because the source and target temperatures are both monitored continuously, the source temperature control mode may be set to either absolute or differential behavior. A key feature of the LWIR STP is that both collimator barrels and target assemblies may be interchanged, enabling the user to configure the projector according to the camera type to be measured. An array of LWIR STPs may optionally be configured by Optikos in a Meridian® Starfield™ mount at field angles specified by the customer, an option also available for visible and NIR Meridian STPs. Stop by our Photonics West booth to see our new LWIR STP and learn more.