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Books by Technology

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Nanotechnology (21)

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Field Guide to Optoelectronics and Photonics
Member: $35.70
Non-member: $42.00
Taming Atoms: The Renaissance of Atomic Physics
Member: $51.00
Non-member: $60.00
Fundamental Absorption of Semiconductor Quantum Dots
Member: $26.35
Non-member: $31.00
Introduction to Photon Science and Technology
Member: $50.15
Non-member: $59.00
Advanced Sensing with Micro-optical Whispering-Gallery-Mode Resonators
Member: $26.35
Non-member: $31.00
Plasmonic Optics: Theory and Applications
Member: $56.10
Non-member: $66.00
Optical Quantum Information and Quantum Communication
Anirban Pathak, Anindita Banerjee
Member: $26.35
Non-member: $31.00
Theory and Design of Acoustic Metamaterials
Member: $62.90
Non-member: $74.00
New Horizons in Nanoscience and Engineering
Member: $89.25
Non-member: $105.00
Carbon Nanoparticles in Photoacoustic Imaging
Member: $26.35
Non-member: $31.00
The Wonder of Nanotechnology: Quantum Optoelectronic Devices and Applications
Manijeh Razeghi, Leo Esaki, Klaus von Klitzing
Member: $123.25
Non-member: $145.00
Nanotechnology: A Crash Course
Member: $46.75
Non-member: $55.00
Tutorials in Complex Photonic Media
Member: $94.35
Non-member: $111.00
Physics and Applications of Negative Refractive Index Materials
Member: $91.80
Non-member: $108.00
Advances in Information Optics and Photonics
Ari T. Friberg, René Dändliker
Member: $87.55
Non-member: $103.00
Selected Papers on Nanotechnology-Theory and Modeling
Member: $91.80
Non-member: $108.00
Sculptured Thin Films: Nanoengineered Morphology and Optics
Akhlesh Lakhtakia, Russell Messier
Member: $73.95
Non-member: $87.00
The Handbook of Nanotechnology. Nanometer Structures: Theory, Modeling, and Simulation
Member: $86.70
Non-member: $102.00
Introduction to Complex Mediums for Optics and Electromagnetics
Werner S. Weiglhofer, Akhlesh Lakhtakia
Member: $94.35
Non-member: $111.00
Progress in Photothermal and Photoacoustic Science and Technology, Volume IV: Semiconductors and Electronic Materials
Member: $57.80
Non-member: $68.00
Energy Transfer in Macromolecules
Nikolai Vekshin
Member: $47.60
Non-member: $56.00
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