Special Event
Quantum West Business Summit: Benefits and Risks in Quantum Computing
30 January 2024 • 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM PST | Moscone Center, Room 155 (Upper Mezzanine South) 
Quantum computing is an emerging tech with significant implications for both national prosperity and security. The commercial quantum computing industry is rapidly growing and aims to achieve practical applications in the coming years. In this presentation, I will examine the current knowledge on potential quantum computing uses, advancements in the industry, and their implications on public key infrastructure. I will provide a sense of what the likely timeline is for both for economically viable quantum computation and cryptgraphically relevant quantum attacks. Finally, I will discuss the development of quantum-safe cryptographic standards and offer guidance for transitioning cryptographic infrastructure to withstand quantum-based attacks. Our objective is to equip security experts and policy makers with non-hyped insights into the economic and security impacts of quantum computing.


Carl Williams​
Carl Williams​​
President and CEO
CJW Quantum Consulting, LLC (United States)


Mark Wippich​
Mark Wippich​
MPW (United States)