25 - 30 January 2025
San Francisco, California, US
Technical Event
Panel Discussion: Prospectives of Immune Stimulation and Immune Modulation
28 January 2024 • 4:20 PM - 5:20 PM PST | Moscone Center, Room 151 (Upper Mezzanine South) 
Join us for a panel between conferences 12843 and 12826 to discuss biophotonics, immune responses and mechanisms of photobiomodulation therapy.

James D. Carroll, THOR Photomedicine Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Wei R. Chen, The Univ. of Oklahoma (United States)
Feifan Zhou, Hainan Univ. (China)

Michael L. Denton, Air Force Research Lab. (United States)
Dennis Sourvanos, Univ. of Pennsylvania (United States)
Xunbin Wei, Peking Univ. Health Science Ctr. (China)