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CIPC / Photons Canada

Contact information

Canadian Photonic Industry Consortium
Université Laval- Pavillon d'optique-photonique
2375 rue de la Terrasse, # 2111
Quebec City, QC,
G1V 0A6

Phone number: 418-656-3019

Fax: 418-656-3019

Web: CIPC / Photons Canada


CPIC, the Canadian Photonic Industry Consortium is a business-led photonics exchange organization embracing the whole value chain from researchers to photonic companies and end-users. Its mandate is to network end-users, photonic industries, universities and institutions with the objective of accelerating the growth of the Canadian industry through photonics.

To bring university researchers together with public sector and industrial partners in a network with state-of-the-art facilities in order to stimulate innovations in photonics, and to promote their exploitation to generate wealth and enhance the quality of life for Canadians.