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Australian and New Zealand Optical Society (ANZOS)

Contact information

Website: optics.org.au


ANZOS email: ausoptsoc@gmail.com

ANZOS President:
Prof. Frédérique Vanholsbeeck
University of Auckland
email: f.vanholsbeeck@auckland.ac.nz

ANZOS Secretary:
Dr. Moritz Merklein
University of Sydney
email: moritz.merklein@sydney.edu.au


The Australian and New Zealand Optical Society (ANZOS) is a non-profit organisation for the advancement of optics in Australia. The society was founded as the Australian Optical Society (AOS) in 1983 for this purpose. In recognition of the strong and long-standing links between Australian and New Zealand optics and photonics, the Society formally changed its name in 2020. The Society embraces anyone contributing to or interested in optics in the widest sense.

The Australian and New Zealand Optical Society was established

  • To provide a forum for persons involved in or in any way interested in optics
  • To strengthen the teaching of optics in Australia
  • To promote research in and other activities in optics in all its diversity
  • To foster closer collaboration in optics both nationally and internationally

Corporate Members:

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