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SPIE Instructor Information

SPIE provides world-class continuing education to engineers and researchers in the field of optics. SPIE instructors are highly qualified technical experts who have a passion for sharing their knowledge. SPIE offers over 200 live courses annually at our events and in-company training sessions, as well as self-study online. 

Courses are offered at Photonics West, AR| VR| MR, Medical Imaging, Advanced Lithography + Patterning, Smart Structures, Defense + Commercial Sensing, Optics + Photonics, Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation, and Optifab.

We invite experienced instructors to consider teaching a technical course.

A successful course features:

  • A well written course description
  • A well organized course with a clear, concise slide presentation and course notes for attendees
  • A brief quiz, measuring attainment of the stated learning outcomes in the course description.

Course Proposal Submission

Send a course proposal using the required SPIE Course Proposal Template and your CV including teaching experience, to SPIE Education Services at least six months in advance of the event which you are interested in teaching. Proposals are evaluated by SPIE technical staff and feedback provided. Those selected to teach will receive notice 3-4 months prior to the event.

NOTE: Promoting specific companies or products within SPIE courses is strictly forbidden. The courses are intended to be fully non-commercial in nature. For more information see Important Considerations.

Email course proposals and/or any questions to education@spie.org.

More Information and Requirements:

Instructors must read and agree to these terms upon submitting a course propoasal for consideration.

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