Digital badges and certificates from SPIE

Celebrate and share your accomplishments

SPIE has partnered with Accredible to provide digital credentials that acknowledge your learning accomplishments. To be eligible, you must have taken an SPIE course since 2015 and completed your course evaluation and quizzes.

Showcase your expertise with industry-recognized digital badges and certificates on any online platform, including social media, email signatures, and websites. Enable employers and colleagues to quickly validate your qualifications.

Sample digital certificate and badge from SPIE

What is digital badging?

A digital badge is a digital representation of a physical badge or certificate and, therefore, enjoys all the benefits of being digital, such as being sharable, verifiable, trackable, and having embedded metadata.

Badges are meant to be shared and celebrated. Our partnership with Accredible leverages their comprehensive platform, allowing individuals to easily download, email, or share their achievements across hundreds of social platforms. Watch the video from Accredible to learn even more.

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