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    Past Event Overview

    Scanning Microscopies Final Program PDF

    SPIE Scanning Microscopies, a multidisciplinary conference for advancing scanning microscopy technologies and applications. This event brings microscopists from all phase of scanning microscopies (from scanned optics to scanned particle beams) together in a single forum to discuss current research and new advancements in the field.

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    2014 Program Overview
    Final Technical Program (3 MB PDF)
    Technical Abstracts (300 KB PDF) Scanning Microscopies only

    Keynote Presentation

     Martin van den Brink, President and CTO, ASML

    Many ways to shrink: The right moves to 10 nanometer and beyond
    Martin van den Brink,
    President and CTO, ASML

    With mobile devices such as smartphones outpacing other market segments, the demand for low-power chips, enabled by continued device shrink, continues to be strong. The semiconductor industry’s drive to innovate is relentless, R&D pipelines are filled, and IC manufacturers have multiple options to continue scaling. This presentation will examine the different technology options for the 10 nanometer node and beyond.

    More than 50 presentations in these areas
     • Optical, Particle Beam (ion and electron), and Scanned Probe
     • Forensics
     • Biological and Pharmaceutical
     • Food Analysis: Microstructure, Identification, and Counterterrorism
     • Environment, Health, and Safety
     • Nanofabrication and Nanolithography
     • Photomask Imaging, Metrology, and Characterization
     • Nanomaterials
     • Instrument Calibration, Evaluation, and Standards
     • Industrial Semiconductor Applications
    Co-located with SPIE Photomask Technology 2014
    New in 2014 - SPIE Scanning Microscopies was co-located with SPIE Photomask 2014, the premier worldwide technical meeting for the photomask industry. Two conferences for one registration, plus access to multidisciplinary connections and information.
    SPIE Photomask Technology
    Monterey Conference Center and Monterey Marriott
    Monterey, California, United States
    16 - 18 September 2014