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    Past Event Overview

    SPIE Photomask Technology 2016 in San Jose, California, USA

    Thank you for attending SPIE Photomask Technology 2016, the premier worldwide technical meeting for mask making, emerging mask technologies, and mask business.

    Download the 2016 materials
    Final Program (2 MB PDF)
    Technical Abstracts (3 MB PDF)
    Exhibition Guide (2 MB PDF)
    2016 Topics
    Mask Making:
    Mask data preparation • Substrates, materials, pellicles • Patterning tools and processes • Resist and resist processing • Etch techniques • Metrology • Inspection • Repair • Cleaning, contamination, and haze • Simulation of mask making
    Anamorphic Masks for High-NA EUV:
    Lithograph, OPC, and SMO models • Magnification interactions • Impact of half-field reticles • Stitching for mask making/design
    Emerging & Alternate Mask Technologies:
    EUV mask making • EUV mask inspection and repair • EUV mask infrastructure • EUV mask application • Nanoimprint mask making • Nanoimprint mask application • Pixelated masks • Alternative mask technologies • Grey-scale masks • Direct-write, ML²
    EUV pellicles:
    Nanoimprint mask making • Nanoimprint mask applications • Pixelated masks • Alternative mask technologies • Grey-scale masks • Direct-write, ML² • Masks for flat panel displays • Masks for MEMs
    Mask Business:
    Mask manufacturing control • Reticle management in the fab and mask shop • Mask management in wafer fabs • Business aspects of masks • Infrastructure challenges
    2016 Keynote Presentation
    Christopher Progler

    Making Lithography Great

    Christopher Progler
    Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Strategic Planning
    Photronics, Inc. 

    Review the 2015 Program
     • News and photos
     • Final Technical Program (5 MB PDF)
     • 2015 Exhibition Guide (3 MB PDF)
     • Technical Abstracts (1 MB PDF)

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