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    Past Event Overview

    SPIE Photomask Technology 2011
    was the premier conference and exhibition for EUV mask making, emerging mask technologies, and the entire photomask industry: sponsored by SPIE and BACUS.

    Program Information:

     • Final Program (PDF)
     • Technical abstracts (PDF)

    Keynote Presentation

    Bucking the Trend: Driving Changes in How EDA and the Semiconductor Industries Work Together

    Walden C. Rhines
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mentor Graphics







    SPIE Photomask 2011

    included over 170 presentations on:

      Mask Making
    Topics include: mask data preparation, substrates and materials, patterning tools and processes, resist and resist processing, etch techniques, metrology, inspection, repair, cleaning, contamination, and haze, simulation of mask making.
      Emerging Mask Technologies
    Topics include: EUV mask making, inspection and repair, and infrastructure. Nano imprint mask making and applications. Pixellated masks, alternative mask technologies, mask process correction, grey scale masks, direct write, ML².
      Mask Application
    Topics include: Double- and multi-patterning, resolution enhancement techniques and OPC, source and mask optimization, design for manufacturability, patterned media, simulation and modeling.
      Mask Business
    Mask manufacturing control, mask shop management, mask management in wafer fabs, business aspects of mask, infrastructure.

    One registration fee gave you access to:

     • Over 170 papers in mask-making technologies
     • Keynote presentations and special sessions
     • A 20-plus company Exhibition
     • An evening reception with great entertainment


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