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    Past Event Overview

    The most recognized international meeting for presenting innovations in the mask-making industry.  Photomask Technology is the event for the people, institutions, and companies driving this critical and influential business.

    • 1,100 Attendees
    • 55 Exhibitors
    • 200 Technical Papers

    Final Program PDF

    Conference Chairs:

    Patrick M. Martin, Photronics, Inc.
    Robert (Bob) Naber, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

    Friday Special Session

    Friday Special Session

    Friday Special Session

    DFM: Are We There Yet? Remaining Challenges and Proposed Solutions

    Chair: Robert J.

    Introduction by M. David Levenson, Microlithography World

    The special Friday session of BACUS '06, organized by Bob Naber of Cadence, addressed the question of industry progress and readiness for DFM, and discussed the remaining challenges as well as proposed solutions. Mark Mason of Texas Instruments pointed out that "DFM is a journey, not a destination," and worried that management did not yet understand how hard it was going to be. Michael Lercel, director of lithography at SEMATECH, noted that all manufacturing options have limits that must be respected by designers. In particular, said Lercel, limiting the number of exposures needed for "double patterning technology" to merely two will require design restrictions. He worried that variability will limit CD uniformity no matter what, and that the 1.2nm (3s) spec for 32nm half-pitch on the ITRS roadmap is just unfeasible -- even for EUV. If so, designers will have to learn to accommodate more variability.

    **Click PDF link to see presentation slides**

    Introduction and Biographies (PDF not available)

    Michael J. Lercel, Director, Lithography, SEMATECH, Inc. (PDF not available)

    Christopher A. Spence and Luigi Capodieci, (PDF not available)

    Naoya Hayashi, Senior Researcher and General Manager of the Electronic Device Laboratory, Dai Nippon Printing Company, Ltd. ( Japan) (PDF not available)

    Wojtek J. Poppe, Graduate Student, and the 2006 Recipient of the SPIE/BACUS Scholarship, University of California, Berkeley (PDF not available)

    Mark E. Mason, Resolution Enhancement Technology Manager and Senior Member of Staff, Emeritus, Texas Instruments Inc. (PDF not available)

    Artur P. Balasinski, Manager, Technology-Design Integration, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (PDF not available

    Sunit Rikhi, Director, Advanced Design, Logic Technology Development, Intel Corporation (PDF not available)

    Tim Horel, Vice-President, Hardware Development, Tabula, Inc. (PDF not available)

    Peter D. Buck, Senior Member, Technical Staff, Toppan Photomasks, Inc. (PDF not available)

    David Lan, Senior Manager, DeSign Automation Applications, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (Taiwan) [PDF Not Available]

    Hidetoshi Ohnuma, DFM Deputy General Manager, Lithography & Device Technology Department, Sony Atsugi Technology Center (Japan) (PDF not available)

    Kevin D. Lucas, DFM Integration, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. (France) (PDF not available)

    Christopher J. Progler, 2007 Advanced Lithography Symposium Cochair, Chief Technology Officer, Photronics, Inc. (PDF not availabl)]

    Closing Remarks

    Click below to read M. David Levenson's summary of this session published by WaferNews.