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    Past Event Overview

    Beautiful Barcelona Spain in 2012. Click for more conference details.

    SPIE Optical Systems Design, is the premier European event for optical instrumentation with the latest advances in optical systems applications, materials and processing.

    Review 2012 Programme Information:

    2012 Technical Programme PDF
    2012 Technical Abstracts PDF
    2012 Exhibition Guide PDF

    There were over 175 presentations in these areas:

    Optical Design and Engineering
    Detectors and Associated Signal Processing
    Illumination Optics
    Physical Optics

    The Free Exhibition featured the following technologies:

    Photonics and Optics Components
    Measurement Devices
    Lens and Thin Film Design Tools
    Optical Systems Design Software
    Illumination Optics
    Precision Surface Structuring

    Co-operating Organisations

     European Optical SocietyFraunhofer GesellschaftOptoNet