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    Past Event Overview

    This workshop profiles the latest research on optical imaging technologies and their translation from bench to bedside, including presentations on molecular imaging, multidisciplinary networks, optical coherence tomography, drug discovery, neuroscience, new devices and methods, science-industry partnerships, and funding opportunities and prospects at NIH.

    • 400 Attendees
    • 137 Presentations

    Daily Updates
    Final Program PDF

    • multi-modality imaging
    • development of molecular contrast agents
    • women's health issues
    • optics in neuroscience
    • multi-disciplinary networks of scientists (NIH roadmap)
    • European and American networks
    • science-industry partnerships
    • role of small business and corporations in optical imaging
    • funding opportunities and prospects at NIH

    Workshop Chairs

    Amir Gandjbakhche, National Institutes of Health
    Bruce Tromberg, Univ. of California/Irvine