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    Past Event Overview

    SPIE Laser Damage 2014

    SPIE Laser Damage 2014 is now completed. Thank you to all the attendees and the community of Boulder for a wonderful meeting.

    SPIE Laser Damage is a comprehensive resource for the exchange of information on high-power/high-energy lasers. Scientists and engineers continue research in these areas as well as materials and thin films, durability, properties modeling, testing, and component fabrication. Don't miss this chance to present your latest work and exchange ideas with leaders in the field.

    The Call for Papers for Laser Damage 2015 will open in January 2015.

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    2014 Program Overview
    2014 Final Technical Program (1.25 MB PDF)
    2014 Technical Abstracts (3.37 MB PDF)
    Laser-induced damage issues:
    Photonic bandgap materials
    High-power fiber lasers
    Fibers for high-power laser applications
    High-power/ultra-fast lasers
    Multi-layer thin films
    Nonlinear optical and laser host materials
    Laser damage in new high-power laser systems
    Related laser-induced damage issues:
    Measurement protocols
    Materials characterization
    Fundamental mechanisms
    Contamination of optical components
    Surface and bulk defects
    Thermal management of high-power lasers
    Applications of laser damage:
    Nanostructures of optical materials and gratings

    + Mini-Symposium: Applications related to laser damage
    + Tutorial:Fundamentals of Growth and Characterization of Amorphous
                     Thin Films for Interference Coatings 
    + Thin Film Damage Competition


    Co-located event:

    DEPS Ultrashort Pulse Laser Workshop

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