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    Past Event Overview

    Click here for SPIE Laser Damage 2012 Conference information

    Thank you | to all who attended Laser Damage 2012. This continues to be a highly regarded conference for the exchange of information on materials for high-power/high-energy lasers. We apprecuiate the scientists and engineers who continue to share their research in these areas, as well as in materials and thin films, durability, properties modeling, testing, and component fabrication.

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    2012 Final Program

    2012 Abstracts

    David W. Hahn, Plasma-particle Interactions in a Laser-induced Plasma - The Path Toward Quantitative Analysis

    Rick Russo, Laser Ablation for Chemical Analysis: 50 Years

    2012 Conference included:
    Full conference program, featuring more than 80 papers from the world's top researchers along with two poster sessions
    Mini-Symposium: Laser Induced Plasma Interactions
    Round Table Discussion: Surface versus Bulk Damage Mechanisms
    2012 Thin Film Damage Competition Results
    A Welcome and Social Mixer
    Wine & Cheese Tasting
    NIST Tours - two offered
    PLUS - Monday Company Open House