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    Past Event Overview

    Click to view list of Laser Damge conferences. Image: a purple laser beam slows erbium atoms. Photo courtesy of NIST

    SPIE Laser Damage 2011 the premier forum for scientists and engineers working in high power/high energy lasers, materials and thin films, durability, properties modeling, testing, and component fabrication.

    Program Information:
     • Final Program (PDF)
     • Abstract Book (PDF)
     • Conference Sponsors (PDF)
    One registration fee gave you access to:
     • Over 80 presentations and technical events
     • Roundtable Discussion
     • Poster Sessions
     • Welcome and Social Mixer
     • Wine and Cheese Reception
     • Reception at NCAR
     • Open House and Receptions
     • Thin Film Damage Competition
    Presentation topics included:

    Laser-Induced Damage Issues:
     • Photonic bandgap materials
     • High power fiber lasers
     • Fibers for high power laser applications
     • High-power ultrafast lasers
     • Multi-layer thin films
     • Nonlinear optical and laser host materials
    Other Laser-Induced Damage Related Issues:
     • Measurement protocols
     • Materials characterization
     • Fundamental mechanisms
     • Contamination of optical components

    Surface and bulk defects

    Mini-Symposia Topics:
     • Deep UV Optics
     • Meta-Optics/Photonic Band Gap Materials
    Additional Events:
     • Round Table Discussion: Definition and Measurement of Laser-Induced Damage in Transparent Materials by Single Short Laser Pulse
     • Thin Film Damage Competition