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    Past Event Overview

     The breadth of experience brought to this event by the committee, combined with the high-level plenary involvement, has laid a foundation for a superb event. The Committee has designed the Great Lakes Photonics Symposium program with a single goal in mind: to promote optics and photonics in the Great Lakes area.

    Final Program PDF

    • Laser Sources and Enabling
    • Materials
    • Aerospace Applications
    • Automotive Applications
    • Sensor-ATR Exploitation
    • Biophotonics and DNA Photonics
    • Emerging Photonics Technologies
    • High Peak Power and Average
    • Power Lasers
    • Nano- and Microphotonics:
      Materials, Devices, Processing,
      and Applications
    • Liquid Crystal Technology and
    • Quantum Optics, Advanced
      Spectroscopy, and Terahertz