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    Past Event Overview

    Please note that while this program resides on the SPIE website, Electronic Imaging is jointly sponsored by the Society for Imaging Science and Technology (IS&T) and SPIE. IS&T

    IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging 2009 was held in San Jose, California, USA 18-22 January. Full program information is available in the Technical Program (PDF).

    Highlights from the meeting included:

     •A fascinating plenary presentation from David Gallo and William Lange, both from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Researchers are finding life in the most inhospitable areas of the deep ocean, using sophisticated imaging systems with unprecedented clarity and resolution. The presentation included images of vividly colored jelly fish, crab, and other deep sea life.
     •The demonstration/interactive poster session featured vendors showcasing prototype equipment and authors presenting their latest work face-to-face with attendees.
     •Three new SPIE Fellows were recognized: Shoji Tominaga, Bernice Rogowitz, and John Merritt.
     •Morley Blouke was awarded the EI Scientist of the Year. Morley is well known for his work on the Hubble Telescope as well as medical CCD imaging.
    Electronic Imaging 2009 featured presentations on:
     •Digital Imaging
     •Sensors and Applications
     •3D Imaging
     •Image Processing
     •Visualization and Perception
     •Visual Communications

    Plenary presentations from top experts were a highlight of the event:

    David GalloWilliam Lange
    David G. Gallo and William Lange, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    Neptune's Garden: Exploring the Secrets of the Deep Undersea
    Andrew Setos, Fox Entertainment Group
    Audio and Video: Making It and Selling It in the 21st Century