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    Past Event Overview

    SPIE Defense + Security is the must-attend event for the security and defense industries. Join participants from the US Navy, Army and Air Force, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Raytheon, QinetiQ, BAE Systems and other top organizations.

    Onsite News
    Final Program (PDF)
    Exhibition Guide (PDF)

    The 2008 meeting featured presentations by top experts from around the globe:

    Symposium Wide Plenary Speaker


    The Honorable Jay Cohen
    Under Secretary for Science and Technology
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security

    Cohen served from 2000-2006 as Chief of Naval Research before taking his current position at the Department of Homeland Security.

    Banquet Honoree and Speaker


    Dr. Delores M. Etter
    ONR Distinguished Chair in Science and Technology
    Electrical Engineering Department
    United States Naval Academy

    Dr. Etter served from 2005-2007 as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition.

    Innovation and the Wealth of Nations


    Sir John Chisholm

    Sir John was central in reorganizing the UK Defence Research Establishments into the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency which when privatized then became QinetiQ. He also serves as Chair of the UK's Medical Research Council.

    SPIE Defense+Security provides cutting-edge information on:

    Imaging, Sensors, and Displays

    • IR Sensors and Systems Engineering
    • Homeland Security and Law Enforcement
    • Tactical Sensors and Imagers
    • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE)
    • Military and Avionic Displays
    • Space Technologies and Operations
    • Intelligent and Unmanned/Unattended Sensors and Systems

    Sensor Data Analysis

    • Sensor Data Exploitation and Target Recognition
    • Information Fusion, Data Mining, and Information Networks
    • Signal, Image and Neural Net Processing
    • Communication and Networking Technologies and Systems


    • Modeling and Simulation
    • Enabling Photonic Technologies

    Symposium Chairs and Committee Members:

    Dr. Larry B. Stotts                                                 


    2008 Symposium Chair                                            


    Dr. Larry B. Stotts is the Deputy Director for the Strategic Technology Office at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). He supports the Director in guiding and directing a team of program managers developing Communications, Networking, Information Operations and Battle Command technologies for Network-Centric Operations (Warfare and Enterprise) and generalized C4ISR.

    Dr. Ray O. Johnson

    Lockheed Martin Corp.

    2008 Symposium Co-Chair

    Dr. Ray O. Johnson
    is the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the Lockheed Martin Corporation. Dr. Johnson guides the Company's technology vision and provides corporate leadership in the strategic areas of Technology and Engineering.

    2008 Executive Committee
    Sos S. Agaian, The Univ. of Texas at San Antonio
    F. Jack Agee, Rice Univ.
    Bjørn F. Andresen, Elbit Systems Electro-Optics ElOp Ltd. (Israel)
    Roger Appleby, QinetiQ Ltd. (United Kingdom)
    Vijayakumar Bhagavatula, Carnegie Mellon Univ.
    Misty Blowers, Air Force Research Lab.
    Howard E. Brandt, Army Research Lab.
    J. Thomas Broach, U.S. Army RDECOM CERDEC NVESD
    Randall W. Brown, Air Force Research Lab.
    Douglas D. Burleigh, Surfside Consulting
    Edward M. Carapezza, Univ. of Connecticut and DARPA
    David P. Casasent, Carnegie Mellon Univ.
    Tien-Hsin Chao, Jet Propulsion Lab.
    David B. Chenault, Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc.
    Zhongyang Cheng, Auburn Univ.
    Hong-Liang Cui, Stevens Institute of Technology
    Belur V. Dasarathy, Consultant, Information Fusion Technologies
    Peter J. Delfyett, College of Optics & Photonics/Univ. of Central Florida
    Sohail A. Dianat, Rochester Institute of Technology
    Eric J. Donkor, Univ. of Connecticut
    Oliver E. Drummond, Consulting Engineer
    Mark Dubinskii, Army Research Lab.
    Emre Ertin, The Ohio State Univ.
    Wolfgang Fink, California Institute of Technology
    Augustus WayFountain, III, U.S. Army RDECOM ECBC
    Gabor F. Fulop, Maxtech International, Inc.
    Douglas W. Gage, XPM Technologies
    Frederick D. Garber, Wright State Univ.
    Patrick J. Gardner, General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products
    Thomas George, ViaLogy Corp.
    Grant R. Gerhart, U.S. Army TARDEC RDECOM
    G. Charmaine Gilbreath, Naval Research Lab.
    Dennis H. Goldstein, Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc.
    Jeff J. Güell, The Boeing Co.
    Craig S. Halvorson, Lawrence Livermore National Lab.
    Russell S. Harmon, U.S. Army Research Office
    Michael J. Hayduk, Air Force Research Lab.
    Daniel J. Henry, Recon/Optical, Inc.
    John H. Holloway, Naval Surface Warfare Ctr., Panama City
    Gerald C. Holst, JCD Publishing
    Richard T. Howard, NASA Marshall Space Flight Ctr.
    Sabah A. Jassim, Univ. of Buckingham (United Kingdom)
    James O. Jensen, U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Ctr.
    Ray O. Johnson, Lockheed Martin Corp.
    Ivan Kadar, Interlink Systems Sciences, Inc.
    Gary W. Kamerman, FastMetrix, Inc.
    Daniel Lehrfeld, Photonic Products Group, Inc.
    Paul T. Lewis, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
    Abhijit Mahalanobis, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control
    Andrew Malloy, Naval Research Lab.
    Peter L. Marasco, Air Force Research Lab.
    Pejmun Motaghedi, The Boeing Co.
    Robert Lee Murrer, Jr., Millennium Engineering and Integration Co.
    Mark Allen Neifeld, The Univ. of Arizona
    Paul R. Norton, U.S. Army Night Vision & Electronic Sensors Directorate
    Andrew R. Pirich, ACP Consulting
    Salil Prabhakar, Digital Persona Inc.
    Kevin L. Priddy, Air Force Research Lab.
    Zia-ur Rahman, Old Dominion Univ.
    C. Ed Rash, U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Lab.
    Raghuveer M. Rao, Rochester Institute of Technology
    Stephen E. Reichenbach, Univ. of Nebraska/Lincoln
    Arun A. Ross, West Virginia Univ.
    Firooz A. Sadjadi, Lockheed Martin Corp.
    Theodore T. Saito, Lawrence Livermore National Lab.
    Sylvia S. Shen, The Aerospace Corp.
    Charles M. Shoemaker, Robotic Research LLC
    Alex F. Sisti, Air Force Research Lab.
    Larry B. Stotts, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
    Raja Suresh, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems
    Harold H. Szu, Office of Naval Research
    Robert J. Tan, Army Research Lab.
    Peter Tchoryk, Michigan Aerospace Corp.
    John T. Thomas, General Dynamics Canada Ltd. (Canada)
    Dawn A. Trevisani, Air Force Research Lab.
    Monte D. Turner, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
    Maarten Uijt de Haag, Ohio Univ.
    Vladimir P. Vavilov, Tomsk Polytechnic Univ. (Russia)
    Jacques Verly, Univ. de Liège ( Belgium)
    Linda M. Wasiczko, Naval Research Lab.
    David A. Wikner, Army Research Lab.
    Gary L. Wood, Army Research Lab.
    Edmund G. Zelnio, Air Force Research Lab.
    Michael David Zoltowski, Purdue Univ.