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    Past Event Overview

    The largest, unclassified, international symposium related to sensors and sensor networks. The face-to-face collaboration between researchers from multiple disciplines at this event has accelerated technological advancement and discovery in this field, making this the fastest growing event of its kind in the world.

    • 400 vendors of products and technologies crucial to your projects
    • 1,800 papers on the latest developments in IR, sensors, imagers, and signal processing
    • Technical training in 55 courses to keep you abreast of rapidly changing technologies

    Daily Updates

    Final program PDF
    Exhibiton guide PDF
    Abstract Book PDF

    • Technologies for Homeland Security and Law Enforcement
    • IR Sensors and Systems Engineering
    • Tactical Sensors and Imagers
    • Laser Sensors and Systems
    • Battlespace Technologies
    • Space Technologies and Operations
    • Intelligent and Unmanned Systems
    • Displays
    • Modeling and Simulation
    • Sensory Data Exploitation and Target Recognition
    • Multisource, Multisensor Information Fusion and Knowledge Discovery Technologies
    • Signal Image and Neural Net Processing
    • Communications and Networking Technologies and Systems

    Symposium Chair
    Dr. John C. Carrano, Luminex Corp

    Symposium Cochair
    Dr. Larry B. Stotts, DARPA