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    Past Event Overview

    The essential astronomical telescopes and instrumentation event, where top experts provide the latest information on interferometry, adaptive optics, observatory operations, systems engineering, and more.

    • 2000 Attendees
    • 1900 Presentations
    • 71 Exhibitors

    This year's theme was: Observational Frontiers of Astronomy for the New Decade

    View the Final Program (PDF). Download the abstracts.

    SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation Palomar Observatory Visit
    Participants in the tour to Palomar Observatory.

    The 2010 meeting focused on the following areas:

    Telescopes and Systems
     • Space Telescopes and Instrumentation covering Gamma Ray, UV, Optical, IR and Millimeter Wave
     • Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes
     • Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation
     • Optical and IR Interferometry
     • Adaptive Optics Systems
     • Observatory Operations
     • Systems Engineering
    Technology Advancements
     • Systems Engineering
     • Modern Technologies
     • Advanced Software and Control
     • Detectors

    2010 Symposium Chairs:

    Masanori Iye
    National Astronomical Observatory (Japan)

    Douglas A. Simons Gemini Observatory (USA)

    2010 Symposium Co-Chairs:

    Kathy A. Flanagan
    Space Telescope Science Institute (USA)

    Mark M. Casali European Southern Observatory (Germany)


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