SPIE Early Career Achievement Award — Industry/Government

The SPIE Early Career Achievement Award is presented in recognition of significant and innovative technical contributions in the engineering or scientific fields of relevance to SPIE. This award recognizes excellence in industry/government. The contribution(s) must have been made within the first 5 years of receiving a position after completing training. Up to two awards may be made each year. Honorarium $2,000.


Fenglin Peng
Meta, United States

For contributions enabling the first LCD-based VR product on the market, and for innovating a compact Pancake VR with better image quality, higher efficiency, and easier mass-production.

Past Recipients

2022 - Lionel Clermont
2021 - Sergio Carbajo
2020 - Sona Hosseini and Nishant Mohan
2019 - Mathias B. Steiner
2018 - Misty Blowers
2017 - Utkarsh Sharma
2016 - Homan Yuen
2015 - Alan Lee
2014 - Jeremy Nathan Munday
2013 - Timothy J. White
2012 - Andrea Alù
2011 - Aydogan Ozcan
2010 - Alberto Salleo 
2009 - Marc Kuchner
2008 - Sanjay Krishna