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Laser Beam Propagation in Random Media: New and Advanced Topics
Author(s): Larry C. Andrews; Melissa K. Beason
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Book Description

This research monograph is a companion edition and update to the book: L. C. Andrews and R. L. Phillips, Laser Beam Propagation through Random Media, 2nd edition (SPIE Press, 2005). We present several new and advanced topics that have emerged during the years since the 2005 title was published. Much of the new material is compared throughout the text with experimental and computer simulation data. This comparison includes beam wander and its effect on a propagating laser beam, including beam-wander-induced scintillation. Other additions include an assessment of conventional probability density function (PDF) models for the irradiance after passing through a finite receiver aperture. New mathematical models for enhanced backscatter are introduced here, including extension to strong fluctuation regimes and semi-rough targets. In recent years, scientists have found experimental evidence that non-Kolmogorov and anisotropic conditions may occur even along horizontal propagation paths near the ground. We include a chapter on these important topics that presents a detailed treatment involving both non-Kolmogorov and anisotropic models. The book ends with a chapter devoted to the discussion of commonly used instruments for measuring atmospheric parameters like the refractive-index structure parameter, inner scale, temperature, wind speed, heat flux, and so forth.

Book Details

Date Published: 15 August 2023
Pages: 422
ISBN: 9781510656505
Volume: PM354

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

1 Atmospheric Structure of Turbulence
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Atmospheric Structure and Models
1.2 Cn2 Profile Models as a Function of Altitude

2 A Review of Gaussian-Beam Wave Propagation
2.0 Introduction
2.1 Gaussian-Beam Wave Model in Free Space
2.2 Rytov Theory
2.3 Mean Irradiance and the Long-Term Beam Spot Size
2.4 Scintillation Index
2.5 Phase Variance
2.6 Flattened Gaussian Beams

3 Beam Wander Along Horizontal Paths
3.0 Introduction
3.1 Beam Wander
3.2 Mean Irradiance Profile and Beam Radius
3.3 Wander-Induced Scintillation
3.4 Flattened Gaussian Beams
Appendix 3A

4 ABCD Ray Matrices: Atmospheric Propagation
4.0 Introduction
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Rytov Theory
4.3 Detector/Image Plane Analysis
4.4 Extended Rytov Theory

5 Analysis of Probability Density Function Models
5.0 Introduction
5.1 PDF models
5.2 Numerical Comparison of PDF Models: Spherical Waves
5.3 Computer Simulations of Long-Range Propagation: Gaussian-Beam Wave
5.4 Experimental Data in a Maritime Environment: Tracked Collimated Beam
5.5 Statistical Comparison of PDF Models
5.6 Numerical Comparison of PDF Models: Untracked Collimated Beam
5.7 Outdoor Measurements of a Collimated Gaussian Beam
5.8 Overview of Results

6 Beam Wander Along Uplink Paths
6.0 Introduction
6.1 Downlink Path
6.2 Uplink Path
6.3 PDF Models for Uplink Beams I
6.4 PDF Models for Uplink Beams II
6.5 Risk Analysis
Appendix 6A

7 Double-Pass Propagation: Smooth Targets
7.0 Introduction
7.1 Free-Space Analysis
7.2 Second Moment in the Receiver Plane: Weak Irradiance Fluctuations
7.3 Fourth Moment in the Receiver Plane: Weak Irradiance Fluctuations
7.4 Unresolved (Point) Target
7.5 Moderate-to-Strong Fluctuation Regime
7.6 Inner-Scale/Outer-Scale Effects
7.7 Detector Plane Analysis
7.8 Phase Fluctuations
7.9 Phase Screen Approximations

8 Double-Pass Propagation: Semi-Rough and Diffuse Targets
8.0 Introduction
8.1 Mutual Coherence Function: Free Space
8.2 Ladar Model in Optical Turbulence: Weak Irradiance Fluctuations
8.3 Moderate-to-Strong Irradiance Fluctuations

9 Non-Kolmogorov Turbulence
9.0 Introduction
9.1 Isotropic Spectral Models
9.2 Beam Propagation in Isotropic Non-Kolmogorov Turbulence
9.3 Anisotropic Spectral Models
9.4 Beam Propagation in Anisotropic Non-Kolmogorov Turbulence
9.5 Optical Refractivity

10 Measuring Optical Turbulence Parameters
10.0 Introduction
10.1 Direct Turbulence Measurements
10.2 Turbulence Inference Based on Optical Measurements
10.3 Optical Scintillometers
10.4 Path Profiling
Appendix 10A

Appendix I: Table of Kolmogorov Beam Models

Appendix II: Table of Non-Kolmogorov Beam Models


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