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29 December 2023
Highly customizable Pockels Cell Drivers & HV Power supplies provides expanding possibilities for OEM manufacturers
Features: / Low and high repetition rate models covering range from single pulse to 6MHz / Up to 5MHz in burst / Square pulse shape / Controlled by an external trigger pulse / Fast HV switching for both rise and fall edges / Wide range of pulse durations / Low jitter / For BBO, RTP, KD*P, CdTe Pockels cells / Designed for capacitive load Detailed information can be found on product page: https://ekspla.com/product/pockels-cell-drivers/ Range of drivers for Pockels cells are fast HV switches designed to load and unload capacitance of Pockels cell with several nanosecond edges. Design adaptation for particular OEM customer is possible and can include optimizing of mechanical design, output switch for voltage, repetition rate, rise/fall time and pulse duration lengthening etc. Almost all the drivers can work in up to 5 MHz bursts. Range of DC/DC type HV power supplies is manufactured to provide a complete Pockels driving solution. Amplitude of output pulses to Pockels cell is about equal to HV supply voltage. Only exception is DP-FAM series drivers that allow to control the amplitude of each pulse by analog voltage input. Product’s design embodies 35+ years of experience in manufacturing and R&D of serial and custom laser systems. Up to date, laser electronics created by our team of enthusiastic engineers, has been the heart and soul of 10 000+ laser systems. 99%+ of sold products perform fails-free throughout 10+ years’ period under the most demanding conditions. Our exclusive area of expertise – devices for solid state pulsed lasers. Ekspla Electronics experience includes custom adaptation and high volume manufacturing for laser developers and manufacturers. Our clients – world-leading manufacturers of industrial, medical and scientific lasers whose systems are installed in 60+ countries and 80+ top universities worldwide. Ekspla Electronics products are implemented in the world’s most sophisticated laser systems developed for CERN, NASA, ELI, Max Planck Institutes, Cambridge University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other renowned scientific institutions.