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Swabian Instruments USA Inc.
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30 November 2023
Updated Swabian Instruments GUI - Time Tagger Lab: Your measurements done in 4 steps
Elevate your scientific pursuits with our user-friendly software. Beyond our intuitive functions within our software libraries (Python, MATLAB, Labview, C#/C++...), our GUI Time Tagger Lab makes it even easier to perform your measurements. Effectively unlock multiple on-the-fly experiments running simultaneously, saving time and enhancing productivity. With Time Tagger Lab, performing frequency stability analysis and time-correlated single photon counting has never been easier. Harness the power of just 4 simple steps to revolutionize your measurement process: Step 1: Select your device Step 2: Set your trigger levels Step 3: Choose your measurement Step 4: Set parameters and run Do you want to learn more about our solutions for your experiments? Visit our webpage: https://www.swabianinstruments.com/time-tagger/ #TimeTaggerLab #TimeTagger #SwabianInstruments #SinglePhotonCounting #FrequencyStabilityAnalysis #QuantumTechnology