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SILIOS Technologies
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11 January 2024
MAKATEA: the new ultra-compact and cost-effective Wavefront Imager for Microscopy
SILIOS Technologies is a French high-tech company located in Provence, in the south of France. It is specialized in micro-optical technologies. Over the past 15 years, SILIOS Technologies has developed the COLOR SHADES® technology, allowing the manufacturing of multi-spectral pixelated filters for the visible, NIR, and SWIR domains. Each cell of these filters can be sized at a scale of less than five microns. With this long experience in functionalizing of focal plane arrays, SILIOS technologies recently undertook the development of custom wavefront imagers for microscopy, based on commercial CMOS sensors, and is now pleased to present, in World premiere at BIOS 2024, its off-the-shelf Wavefront imaging camera for live cell and tissue imaging: the MAKATEA. Based on a Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) Technique, the MAKATEA WFI camera is capable of mapping both the intensity and phase of a light beam with a high spatial resolution and sensitivity making it suited for optical microscopy investigations, e.g. to characterize cells, micro and nano-objects for bio-imaging and nanophotonics applications. The MAKATEA WFI camera is particularly valuable for single-cell dry mass measurements, from a single image acquisition. Indeed during its life, the dry mass of a cell, i.e., the mass of all cellular content except water, is deeply modified. These changes are related to all the metabolic and structural cell functions. The study of dry mass consequently provides crucial insights into cellular aspects, such as the cell cycle, the impact of stimuli or drugs, as well as cell metabolism. This knowledge proved valuable for studying individual cell or cell populations. You are welcome to visit SILIOS booth N° 8216 at the BIOS exhibition to view amazing cell images captured with MAKATEA WFI camera and watch a short movie of dividing cells. We’ll be pleased to take this opportunity to discuss how the MAKATEA WFI camera can enhance your applications in biology.