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Shenzhen Photonx Technology Co., Ltd.
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29 November 2023
Single Frequency Narrow Linewidth Laser/ Module
Photonx’s PHX-C-F-B-CXX series single frequency narrow linewidth laser/ module is designed based on external cavity technology, and has advantages of ultra-low RIN noise, ultra-narrow linewidth, and high output optical power. Products are widely used in optic fiber sensing, LiDAR and high-precision measurements. ✔ Line width: 2KHz -20KHz (customizable) ✔ Output power: 10mW -100mW (limited by line width, customizable) ✔ Relative intensity noise: -155dB/Hz
01 December 2023
Tunable Narrow Linewidth Laser Module
Photonx’s PHX-C-T-M-CXX series tunable narrow linewidth laser module has excellent frequency modulation linearity, wavelength stability, ultra-narrow linewidth, low noise, low RIN, high side-mode suppression ratio, high output power, and high integration, It is mainly used in FMCW system, with the advantages of high-precision and high-speed for distance & speed measurement. Also there are applications in optic fiber sensing and optic communication fields. Performance characteristics: ✔ Line width: 10KHz ✔ Power: 50mW-100mW ✔ RIN noise: -150dBc/Hz @ 100KHz