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19 October 2023
AX Smart Cameras win inspect award 2022
The smart cameras of the AX series from Baumer are among the best innovations in industrial image processing. That is was the readers of the trade magazine inspect say in the voting for the inspect award 2022 which has been presented at VISION in Stuttgart today. The AX Smart Cameras are robust, IP67-capable devices for image processing in industrial environments. They enable rapid and inexpensive development of individual image processing and AI solutions. During development, Baumer placed the greatest emphasis on performance, simplicity and flexibility in order to reduce integration costs and hurdles. This combination is well received by users, as is also shown by winning the inspect award (rank 2) in the Vision category. Product Manager Peter Felber sees the ease of implementation as a decisive advantage: “The integration of camera, image processing and lighting controller simplifies the system design. Users thus get a fast and simple solution for AI and image processing in an industrial environment,” said Felber at the award ceremony. The AX Smart Cameras are freely programmable and combine NVIDIA Jetson AI modules and Sony CMOS sensors to form an image processing platform for vision-at-the-edge and AI applications. The use of well-known standard technologies such as Linux, GenICam and NVIDIA Jetson enables customers to implement their own image processing solutions in a very short time.
30 November 2023
Baumer cameras with integrated cooling pipe win inspect award 2023
Sensor and industrial camera expert Baumer strives to find new ways in order to offer customers measurable added value. A current example from industrial image processing are the industrial cameras of the CX series with integrated cooling pipe. So far, in high temperature environments the camera housing used to be embedded in external cooling components to ensure constant camera temperature. Such effort is time consuming and adds to camera dimensions. To counteract this drawback, Baumer has extended the CX series by cameras with integrated cooling. The patented cooling pipe of the CX.XC cameras space-savingly winds its way inside the camera housing to ensure thermal stability within an instant. Expert readers convinced by innovation The benefits of this innovation have convinced the readership of the trade magazine "inspect". They voted the cameras with integrated cooling pipe among the best recent innovations in industrial image processing. At upcoming SPS in Nuremberg, the cameras will receive the Silver inspect award in the Vision category. Product Manager Torsten Wehner explains where the integrated cooling pipe brings essential benefit: "Particularly in semiconductor production, thermal camera stability is key. In wafer bonding for example, inspection must ensure that individual wafer markings are precisely aligned to each other. This is only achieved by high-precision image acquisition where tolerances are within the nanometer range." For such precise data, thermal stability of the relevant camera components during the measurement cycle time is indispensable. According to Torsten Wehner, the integrated cooling pipe from Baumer offers two decisive benefits: "The innovative camera housing not only ensures the required thermal stability but also cools down to constant values within a few minutes, which is significantly faster than achieved with conventional external cooling components. This will save users time, since the Baumer cameras with active cooling cut down on waiting times in data acquisition." Integrated cooling pipe to ensure continuously low camera temperature Unlike external cooling from outside of the housing, the integrated cooling pipe dissipates the heat exactly where it is generated: close to sensor and lens. Thanks to effective heat dissipation, the CX.XC cameras acquire images at very low noise and reduced pixel errors. Cooling via integrated channel utilizes compressed air (2 to 3 bar) or liquids such as water (up to 6 bar). Further to semiconductor production, further application examples for the Baumer cameras with integrated cooling channel are industries where excessive ambient temperatures prevail: glass and metal processing, large bakeries and many more. The CX.XC cameras deliver reliable image data even at up to 65 degrees Celsius present at the housing.