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23 January 2024
ELMO 780 XHP: Industry proven. Output power multiplied.
Menlo System’s launches ELMO 780 XHP, the most recent development within their industry-grade femtosecond erbium fiber laser series. The new high-power version delivers more than 1 W average output power at 780 nm, with pulse durations at the 100 fs level, while occupying only a fraction of the space demanded by other lasers with comparable performance. It also maintains state-of-the art stability, repeatability, and reliability of the laser parameters, characteristic of Menlo System’s figure 9® laser technology. The extremely robust, compact, and energy-efficient design offers all the versatility of Menlo System’s modular concept, allowing for easy adaptation of the laser parameters to both scientific and industrial settings - ready for OEM in-tegration. The ELMO 780 XHP boasts various essential enabling attributes. The refined integrated dispersion pre-compensation up to -30.000 fs² ensures delivery of the short pulse durations via optical fiber directly to the target location. Fully-integrated fast amplitude modulation allows for fast adaptation of the optical power. An optional additional optical output port provides access to >1 W optical power at the 1560 nm fundamental wavelength. The ELMO 780 XHP model excels in applications such as multi-photon mi-croscopy and has the potential to provide breakthroughs in 3D nano printing.
24 January 2024
Menlo Systems Inc.: New General Manager Jens Schumacher
Menlo Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Jens Schumacher as the new General Manager of Menlo Systems Inc., its US subsidiary. Jens brings with him more than 20 years’ experience in the photonics industry, including long stretches at global photonics giants Coherent and Thorlabs. With previous roles covering sales, program and product line management, and customer service, Jens is well-placed to support Menlo’s continued growth and success in North America, as well as to manage the US-based team of sales and service experts. Jens and his team will continue to provide sales and service support to our customers, coordinated from Colorado, and will explore emerging application fields with the establishment of new facilities. This expanding presence showcases our commitment to our customers and partners in North America. “I am excited to take on this new challenge as General Manager of Menlo Inc., working with the team to move the US site to the next level,” says Jens of his new role. “We are delighted to have Jens on board. Our team and customers will benefit from Jens’ longstanding expertise in photonics, as well as his strong leadership skills,” says Michael Mei, Menlo co-founder and Managing Director. Menlo Systems, pioneers of the optical frequency comb, provides precision enabling technologies for applications including quantum technologies, terahertz spectroscopy, and biophotonics. Join us at Photonics West in Hall B, booth number 827 for an in-person discussion with Jens. The US team can be reached via
24 January 2024
Quantum Computing for Germany: planqc subcontracts Menlo Systems
We are pleased to announce that we are supporting planqc as a strategic partner in the development of a scalable quantum computing platform based on neutral atoms. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) has contracted planqc in the framework of the DLR Quantum Computing Initiative (DLR QCI) to build a 100-qubit quantum computer and to install it at the DLR Innovation Center in Ulm. This contract with DLR represents the first sale of a digital quantum computer based on neutral atoms in Europe. It paves the way for the further commercialization of quantum computing and establishes Germany as a world leader in this field. As strategic partners in this 29-million-Euro contract, Menlo Systems will de-liver a state-of-the-art laser system capable of full control and manipulation of the neutral atoms based on our FC1500 Quantum, a complete laser solution for Quantum 2.0 applications. The system, comprising an ultrastable laser, an optical frequency comb, and a range of continuous-wave (CW) lasers, uses the spectral purity transfer technique to transfer ultranarrow linewidth and exceptionally low phase noise to any and all wavelengths required by the quantum computing platform. The CW lasers used to address the atoms in the quantum computer’s physics package thus acquire sub-Hz linewidth, unparalleled frequency stability, and ultralow noise performance, providing an ideal tool for quantum computing based on neutral atoms. “We are very proud that DLR has chosen planqc as a technology leader in the field of neutral atoms for the construction of a quantum computer. This contract is an important milestone in our commercialization and growth strategy, the next step of which is to expand into other key industries and enter global markets," says Alexander Glätzle, CEO and co-founder of planqc. Sebastian Blatt, CTO and co-founder of planqc, adds: "Not only are we excited to install the first quantum computer based on neutral atoms at DLR, but we also want to work closely with DLR experts to run quantum algorithms on it, which will have a real added value for the many application fields of DLR.” “The significant investment from DLR in this project, as part of the DLR Quantum Computing Initiative marks a turning point in the commercialization and utility of quantum computing. It not only strengthens our technical capabilities, but it also creates sustainable jobs in Germany for the long term,” says Menlo Systems’ co-founder and Managing Director, Dr. Michael Mei. “At Menlo Systems we are delighted to play a role in such ground-breaking developments, and to be part of the quantum 2.0 revolution.” “We are very pleased to contribute to the commercialization of a neutral atom quantum computer, and we expect to learn new ways in which our precision photonics instruments can be used to further advance the field,” says Menlo Systems’ co-founder and Managing Director Dr. Ronald Holzwarth. “Our precision instruments have been enabling the quantum community for more than 20 years; now we are also proud to impact the wider community through this joint project with planqc and ParityQC, providing the tools to realize a quantum computer that can solve real-world problems.”
24 January 2024
High-Power Fiber-Coupled Photo-conductive Antennas
Menlo Systems present their novel TERA15-HP-TX high-power fiber-coupled broadband terahertz (THz) antennas in their TERA15 series, thereby setting the benchmark for efficiency and performance in the THz industry. The newly engineered antenna modules achieve record performance levels of more than 300 µW average generated THz power, more than 6 THz bandwidth, and over 110 dB dynamic range. The TERA15-HP-TX modules represent a new era in THz spectroscopy and imaging, enabling unprecedented flexibility and durability required to meet stringent industrial demands. The most recent technological innovation by Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) utilized in these modules is based on highly-optimized InGaAs/InAlAs multi-layered mesa structures. These structures feature a wide photoconductive gap, permitting them to accommodate a bias voltage of 200 V and at minimum 50 mW optical input power at 100 MHz pulse repetition rate. The largely enhanced THz power, combined with the improved signal-to-noise ratio, enable the THz characterization of strongly absorbing samples and the enhancement of imaging contrast, such as relevant for applications in biological or medical imaging, and in the depth profiling of thicker material layers. The TERA15-HP-TX antennas are ideally suited for operation by transimped-ance amplifiers (soon to be manufactured in-house by Menlo Systems) for further improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio. The new antennas are available as stand-alone components, are fully compatible with other Menlo Systems’ THz-TDS systems, and may be readily retrofitted to systems already in use upon request.
30 January 2024
Ultrastable Microwave Systems step-change microwave and RF generation
Menlo Systems announce the release of their range of Ultrastable Microwave Systems (UMS): a groundbreaking advancement in microwave technology for the synthesis of ultra-high spectral purity of RF and Microwave signals. This newly launched range provides a step change in the generation of stable mi-crowave signals, enabling applications including radar, quantum computing, and fiber-link networks. Menlo’s UMS range combines an ultrastable laser with an optical frequency comb in a robust, compact rack-mounted format, which delivers microwave signals with drastically reduced phase noise levels com-pared to existing technologies. Multiple phase-coherent radio frequency, microwave and optical outputs are broadly configurable, demonstrating, e.g., phase noise of less than -95 dBc/Hz and -160 dBc/Hz, at 1Hz and 10 kHz offsets respectively, from a 10 GHz carri-er signal, and fractional frequency stability as low as 2e-15 at 1 second for all output signals (from the optical down to microwave domains). The entire range is fully remote controllable, making it ideally suited to applications in lo-cations with limited accessibility. The UMS comes in both a “mini” and a “com-pact” format, and can be customized to the end application.