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Industrial Fiber Optics, Inc.
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08 January 2024
Expanding Our Capabilities with a New CNC Swiss Screw Machine!
Industrial Fiber Optics is proud to announce that our third and newest Swiss screw machine is up and running! It is the Citizen Cincom Series L12X and will further assist our machine shop in producing machine made parts of the highest quality.
17 January 2024
Introducing a 1.5mm 217-core Fused Multi-Core Simplex Cable with 2.2mm OD
Manufactured by Asahi Kasei, this fiber can be used in industrial and automotive networking, lighting, and sensor applications. It has a core diameter of 1.5mm and is made of PPMA. The jacket's diameter is 2.2mm. This fiber can be used in temperatures ranging from -55°C to 105°C and has a minimum bend radius of 5mm. Part Number: SHMCSN-15000P-22(E)
23 January 2024
Introducing Asahi Kasei's Hollow Multi-Core Fiber
Hollow multi-core fibers from Asahi Kasei can be used as highly flexible light guides, or to illuminate an image guide fiber placed through the central cavity. Available in two different sizes! The first size has an OD ranging from 1580-1800µm, and ID of 1320-1480µm. The second size has an OD that is 2300-2500µm and an ID of 1800-2000µm. Both size fibers can be operated from temperatures as low as -55°C to as high as 65°C.