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22 January 2024
Discover our upconversion-powered MIR sensors
Have you ever performed infrared spectroscopy with real time monitoring? NLIR spectrometers measure spectra in only milliseconds! We offer new-technology MIR spectrometers and detectors, that are highly sensitive, have low noise, and are easy to get started with. Come by our booth and experience our product portfolio in person: Spectrometer 2.0 - 5.0 μm (available at the booth): - fiber-coupled spectrometer - various interfaces: transmission, reflection, fiber, other - extreme sensitivity: -80 dBm/nm sensitivity - high resolution: down to 6 cm-1 - low noise – measuring the darkest samples - compact and robust design Long-wave Spectrometer 7.6 - 12.0 μm: - 50 Hz full-spectrum readout rate - resolution of 10 cm-1 - sensitivity of 200 pW/nm (-67 dBm/nm) with full aperture exposure Wavelength Conversion Module: - converts mid-IR light in the bandwidth of 1.9 µm – 5.3 µm to near-infrared light in the bandwidth 682 nm – 886 nm Single-Wavelength Detector: - detects mid-IR light in the bandwidth of 2.8 - 5.0μm Thermal IR Light Source: - thermal lightsource of 1.2 – 8.0 µm wavelength range Measurement bundles: - fiber-coupled reflection probe bundle - fiber-coupled transmission bundle We are constantly expanding our product portfolio. Do you have any questions? Are you looking for a custom solution for your business application? Come talk to us! Booth number #1749.
25 January 2024
Experience advanced MIR-upconversion technology today!
NLIR offers one-of-a-kind, patented upconversion technology in the mid-infrared (MIR) range. With our technology, you can finally bring measurement systems in the MIR range from the laboratory to industrial processes at scale. Our core technology mixes mid-infrared light with intense light from a 1064 nm laser inside an optically non-linear crystal. The mid-infrared light is further upconverted to the Visible/Near-Infrared range, preserving all information from the mid-infrared regime, and then detected by a Silicon-based detector. Due to its speed and precision, this technology opens up a wide range of industrial application areas: from IR Coating Characterization, Sample Probing, Laser System Diagnostics, Plastic Waste Identification, Remote Sensing, and many others that require information in real-time. Compared to the established near-infrared (NIR) measurement technology, our innovative solution has significant application advantages, and the potential to realize previously unsolved process applications in Oil and Gas, Polymer, Food and Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Defense, Environmental, and other industries! Monitor your product quality, optimize performance, and cut unnecessary costs with our advanced and unprecedented technology. Read more about our application areas here:
17 January 2024
NLIR is now a proud member of the Nynomic AG Group
Exciting News! NLIR has joined Nynomic AG group in October, 2023 to further expand its position as the market and technology leader in the fast and sensitive mid-infrared detection. At NLIR, our team has been dedicated to creating optical solutions that make a real difference in the world. The collaboration with Nynomic Group enables us to reach new potential – both on the technological advancements, and enhanced product portfolio side, We are excited about the new possibilities that lie ahead! Are you curious in the fast and sensitive mid-infrared solutions that we offer? Would you like to see how they can be applied to solve your challenge? Meet us at the SPIE Photonics West Conference on the 30th Jan - 1st Feb for a product demo or a chat, Booth number #1749.