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24 January 2024
PF32 Module
New this year, Photon Force is introducing an OEM module version to its PF32 SPAD sensor family. The module will allow for OEM integration of our single photon sensing technology into emerging applications, freeing it from the constraints of a full camera to meet the needs of low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) applications. The compact, bare-board module solution allows product developers full control over the optical path to the sensor and easy mechanical integration. It includes a high-capacity FPGA, which can implement a range of Photon Force standard or customer-specific processing functions to hardware accelerate the application's processing needs. Ultra-high speed readout is provided via an industry standard OCuLink PCIe interface, supported by Photon Force software drivers and application examples. Photon Force can work closely with volume customers to help optimise the module design and processing pipeline for their unique application requirements. Get in touch if you need to integrate high-throughput single-photon-counting into your product solution in a compact, cost-effective package!