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24 January 2024
What are MEMS Microphones? MEMS Microphones are crafted using the advanced MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) technologies. The heart of a MEMS Microphone is the sound sensing element, primarily formed from a silicon device wafer, which is further enclosed by a top-tier borosilicate glass wafer. How do MEMS Microphones work? Within the silicon device wafer lies a diaphragm or membrane, meticulously fashioned through micro machining processes. When sound waves impact this diaphragm, it vibrates. These vibrations can be identified and converted into electrical signals through capacitive or piezoelectric sensing techniques. The accuracy and sensitivity of these microphones allow them to capture a wide range of sound frequencies. What are MEMS Microphones used for? Consumer Electronics: Smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, and headphones. Aerospace: Communication systems in aircraft and space stations. Medical: Hearing aids, diagnostic equipment, and telemedicine devices. Automotive: Voice command systems, hands-free calling, and in-cabin noise control. What are MEMS Microphone glass wafers used for? The glass wafers play a pivotal role in ensuring the optimal performance of the microphone. They encapsulate the sensitive silicon components, protecting them from external factors. Their stability is paramount, especially in devices where precision and long-term functionality are critical, such as in aerospace and medical applications. What’s the advantage of Plan Optik’s glass wafers and how do they look like? Plan Optik’s MEMS Microphone glass wafers are constructed from a unique borosilicate glass chosen for its thermal attributes (CTE) in harmony with Silicon. This glass also meets the requirements for anodic bonding due to its specific chemical composition. Plan Optik is dedicated to providing top-tier wafers in all standard diameters, boasting a vast thickness spectrum. These wafers can be delivered either as double side polished or patterned, tailored with cavities or through-holes as necessary. Available products at Plan Optik: - Polished glass wafers - MDF polished glass wafers - Through-holes glass wafers - Cavity glass wafers