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03 December 2023
Everbright won the Laser Focus World Innovation Award for the second time
Recently, the results of the "2023 Innovation Award" hosted by Laser Focus World were announced. Everbright's 35W high-power semiconductor single emitter chip and 1710nm fiber coupling module won the silver and bronze awards respectively, Becoming the only high-power semiconductor laser chip company to win this honor in 2023. Laser Focus World Innovator Awards 2023 The Laser Focus World Innovation Award is one of the highest honors in the international laser and optics field. A professional judging panel composed of global industry experts aims to recognize a variety of innovative technologies, products and systems in the laser, optics and optoelectronics industries. The winners usually Be regarded as a leader and innovator in the industry. In 2022,Everbright participated for the first time with two products, 30W high-power semiconductor single emitter chip and 680W 976nm 200um optical fiber coupling module, and won the gold and bronze awards respectively. Silver Honoree: 35W single emitter chip High-power and high-brightness semiconductor laser chips are the source of the laser industry chain. The power, brightness, and reliability of the laser chip directly affect the performance, volume, and cost of the laser system. The award-winning 35W high-power semiconductor laser chip has improved the waveguide layer structure optimization, lateral scattering loss structure, facet protection and other technologies. While maintaining the same luminous width of 230μm, the chip’s light output power has been increased from 30W to 35W. The E-O conversion efficiency exceeds 60%. High-brightness, high-power, and high-efficiency single emitter chips can significantly improve the output power and price-to-power ratio of fiber laser pump sources, and help high-power fiber laser pump sources develop rapidly toward miniaturization, lightweight, and intelligence. New product in 2023: 50W high-power semiconductor laser chip Everbright is committed to providing customers with higher power, smaller size, and higher brightness semiconductor laser chips. In 2023, everbright launched a 9XXnm 50W high-power semiconductor laser chip, which achieves 50W laser output in a 330μm-width light-emitting area and maintains an electro-optical conversion efficiency of greater than or equal to 60%. This is currently the brightest semiconductor laser chip with the same power known on the market, and has been mass-produced and shipped. Bronze Honoree:1710nm fiber coupling module Most polymers show extremely strong absorption for lasers with wavelengths around 1710nm. For example, the 1 mm thick cyclic olefin copolymer COC (transparent plastics suitable for medical treatment, transparent plastics for automotive electronics, etc.) absorbs 1710nm lasers more than 70%. Using the 1710nm band laser, transparent thermoplastics can be welded without adding any additives, and the average efficiency exceeds 2 to 3 times that of traditional welding processes. Everbright 1710nm fiber coupling module, 400μm / NA 0.22 fiber output power exceeds 50W, operating current 16A, maximum operating voltage 22V, the operating current and operating voltage are adapted to the current and voltage requirements of the 1710nm fiber laser pump source, and the Conduction cooling systems provide customers with more flexible installation options. In addition, the product passed low/high temperature storage tests, shock vibration tests, and aging tests, and underwent more than 6,000 hours of aging testing under 19 A operating conditions without any degradation. Everbright 1710 nm fiber coupling module relies on the company's leading intelligent production line of fiber coupling modules, mature packaging, optical components and manufacturing processes. Delivery time and product quality can be guaranteed, and this product can also be modified according to the customer's power requirements, and we are determined to be a pioneer in the transparent plastic laser welding application market. Technology and product innovation are the core driving forces for industrial development. As a pioneer in the field of semiconductor lasers in China, Everbright has been committed to developing and producing semiconductor lasers with higher power, higher efficiency, higher brightness, and more wavelengths, and continues to explore new technologies, new products, and new applications that lead the development of the industry, and actively participate in global competition, demonstrating the "chip" strength and comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese laser companies. Laser brighten our life. About Evebright Everbright is one of the few companies in the world that develops and mass-produces high-power semiconductor laser chips. It has successfully built three vertically integrated wafer production lines for 2-inch, 3-inch, and 6-inch semiconductor laser chips. It has edge-emitting laser chips (EEL) and There are two major product structures of surface-emitting laser chips (VCSEL) and three major material systems of GaAs (gallium arsenide), InP (indium phosphide) and GaN (gallium nitride). It has a completely independent and controllable process platform and mass production line from chip design, MOCVD (epitaxial), photolithography, cleavage/coating, packaging testing, fiber coupling, direct semiconductor laser, etc., in chip design, key equipment, process technology and raw materials have been independently controllable, which has effectively promoted the development of China's ultra-high power laser technology and its applications.