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TOPTICA eagleyard
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12 December 2023
miniTA and miniECL now also available at 670 nm
It’s finally here: 670 nm is the newest addition to the miniTA and miniECL families and is introduced to the world at the 2024 SPIE Photonics West. The new 670 nm miniTA comes with the same characteristics as the other wavelengths such as integrated thermal management and beam collimation all in an optimized hermetically sealed butterfly package with 14 thicker pins for ideal power supply. The “plug and play” with fiber pigtail seed lasers are a true game-changer especially in applications such as spectroscopy, quantum technologies and atomic clocks. Measurements show the high optical single mode power up to 1 W and high ASE suppression, ideal for atomic clock, QT, life science and spectroscopy. The miniTA is available with 1 W @ 670 nm 1.5 W @ 765 nm (covering 767 & 770 nm), 3 W @ 780 nm, 2 W @ 795 nm, 2 W @ 852 nm and 2.5 W @ 895 nm. The new 670 nm miniECL comes with 40 mW (Li D1 & D2 line) and is an important addition to all other available wavelengths at 80mW @ 770 nm (K D1 line), @ 780 nm (Rb D2 line), @ 852 nm (Cs D2 line), @ 895 nm (Cs D1 line). This single frequency laser diode has a super fine linewidth of typical 100 kHz. Moreover, wavelengths between 650 – 1100 nm are customizable upon request, opening more freedom across the spectrum. The integrated beam collimation, thermoelectric cooler and thermistor enable an easy usage. Thanks to the hermetically sealed package, the miniECL is very robust and enables very small linewidth for precise results. The miniECL is frequently used in spectroscopy, QT, metrology, atomic clock and life science.