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22 January 2024
New SD-OCT spectrometer delivers unmatched roll-off performance and image quality
Introducing our EAGLE OCT-S-M spectrometer with industry-leading roll-off performance and unmatched image quality in a new compact form factor. Designed with E2V OCTOPLUS camera, it generates a full OCT measurement at a rapid framerate of up to 250 kHz to optimize workflow. Its configurable central wavelength and 90 nm bandwidth allows for remarkable design versatility and optimal accuracy. Experience it yourself! Visit our booth at BiOS and Photonics West 2024. Want to know more? Contact us:https://ibsen.com/contact-us/
22 January 2024
Remarkably compact Raman HR spectrometer for faster, more precise Raman measurements
Our brand new high-performance Raman HR spectrometer offers exceptional accuracy for information-dense spectra within a remarkably compact design. Utilizing multiple 2048 pixel detectors, this spectrometer ensures high data density while leveraging optimal detector performance. With support for both 532 nm and 785 nm lasers, it guarantees an optimal wavelength range for diverse applications. Will be featured at BiOS and Photonics West 2024! Want to know more? Contact us: https://ibsen.com/contact-us/
22 January 2024
Smallest wide-bandwidth interrogation monitor for seamless integration and high-frequency measurements
Introducing our I-MON 1024, the smallest wide-bandwidth interrogation monitor, which allows for monitoring of more FBGs. With a full spectrum readout capacity of up to 40 kHz, it can measure higher frequencies, providing more valuable information and data samples. For seamless integration, you can choose the version with DISB-485 electronics specifically designed for the 1024-pixel sensor. To make the setup process hassle-free, a comprehensive developer's kit is provided for a convenient plug-and-play experience. Meet Bjarke Rose, our interrogation monitor expert, at SPIE BiOS and Photonics West to discuss your project in more detail. Contact us for more information: https://ibsen.com/contact-us/
22 January 2024
Discover the world's first telecom grating covering the full S+C+L bands
Ibsen Photonics presents an innovative broadband telecom grating spanning S+C+L bands (1460-1620 nm). This enables manufacturers to develop single devices such as WSS, tunable filters, and optical channel monitors, operating across the entire S+C+L wavelength range. The grating exhibits high efficiency and low Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL), as shown in the efficiency design plot. Additionally, our wafer-based production technology is highly cost-effective for large-scale manufacturing. Meet Kristian Buchwald, our grating expert, at SPIE BiOS and Photonics West to discuss your transmission grating project in more detail. Contact us for more information: https://ibsen.com/contact-us/