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26 January 2024
World Star Tech Acquires Tiga Photonics, Expanding Expertise in Volume Holographic Grating Technology
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Jan 26th, 2023] World Star Tech, a leader in laser system design and manufacturing, has announced its successful acquisition of Tiga Photonics, a prominent spin-off from Waterloo renowned for its pioneering work in volume holographic gratings. This strategic move not only enhances World Star Tech's capabilities in laser technology but also positions the company at the forefront of innovation in this field. Tiga Photonics, recognized as an innovator in volume holographic grating technology and it's products have innovative applications in imaging spectroscopy, raman spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging, filter, reflector, flow cytometry, confocal microscopy etc . With this acquisition, World Star Tech is set to integrate these advanced technologies, promising to deliver more sophisticated and innovative laser and photonics solutions to its customers. This acquisition signifies a major stride for World Star Tech in its pursuit of excellence and innovation in laser and photonics systems design and manufacturing. The integration of Tiga Photonics' specialized technology is expected to offer unprecedented benefits to customers, driving advancements across various industries. About World Star Tech: World Star Tech is a premier designer and manufacturer of laser systems, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of laser technology. The company is committed to innovation and excellence, offering cutting-edge solutions across a diverse range of industries. About Tiga Photonics: Tiga Photonics, originating as a spin-off from Waterloo, specializes in volume holographic gratings. Its groundbreaking work has contributed significantly to advancements of volume holographic grating. Now, as part of World Star Tech, Tiga Photonics embarks on a new chapter, poised to further revolutionize holographic grating technology.