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04 October 2023
Adhesives for optoelectronic packaging (first and second-level packaging and flip-chip technology)
Adhesives play a key role in the design and manufacturing of optoelectronic packages. They are essential to the long-lasting function and uniform brightness of LEDs and enable production within a second. However, they can only be effective if precisely tailored to the relevant application area. DELO has developed special adhesives both for first-level packaging, in which the adhesive is in the immediate vicinity of the semiconductor, and for second-level packaging, which focuses on reliably bonding lenses to housings. In standard tests and implementation by customers worldwide, they yield outstanding results and satisfy the high requirements of packaging manufacturers. Manufacturing ever-smaller optoelectronic packages is one such requirement. Flip-chip technology, thus the use of conductive adhesives, unlocks new possibilities for manufacturers in this respect. DELO DUALBOND adhesives are made for first-level packaging in optoelectronics. They produce minimum outgassing, are yellowing and high-temperature resistant, dispense and integrate into production processes easily, optimize curing, and enable light pre-fixation. Additionally, they possess qualities like low temperature impact via light or heat curing (at low temperatures), reflow resistance, and available clear optical products. For second-level packaging, DELO has developed special DELO PHOTOBOND adhesives. They are tension-equalizing and resistant to humidity, vibration, temperature, and aging (low outgassing, low yellowing), on top of having universally good adhesion. Adhesives cure under ultraviolet light within a few seconds and are available in different viscosities. DELO also provides anisotropic conductive adhesives (DELO MONOPOX AC), which are especially developed for flip-chip technology and ensure a permanent bond and high processing rates.
04 October 2023
Highly transparent imprint materials for micro-lenses and AR diffractive waveguides
Imprint materials for micro-lenses: DELO optical-grade polymers such as DELO KATIOBOND OM614 are used for large-scale fabrication of microlenses via replication and are characterized by high transparency, outstanding optical stability (even in reflow-processes), as well as excellent processability. Microlenses are an essential component in miniaturized optical devices such as endoscopes, Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors, smartphone cameras, or miniature flashlights, where they act as imaging elements or simply increase the optical efficiency of a device. They can be either manufactured monolithically or via polymer-on-glass, where the lens is imprinted on a rigid glass substrate. Imprint materials for AR diffractive waveguides: Diffractive optical waveguides with imprinted surface-relief gratings demand extremely high refractive indices to achieve a large field-of-view. The latest generation of DELO PHOTOBOND polymers achieves a RI of >1.9 and is suitable for imprints of any grating structure, e.g., slanted gratings.