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16 December 2023
The Advanced Imaging Methods Workshop is a 3-day event focused on new and emerging optical microscopy techniques and their applications with a special focus on time-resolved techniques.
Join us at the 21st Annual Advanced Imaging Methods Workshop AIM 2024, Berkeley, Jan 23-25 2024, for a 3-day event on optical microscopy techniques. This live, in-person workshop hosted by the CRL Molecular Imaging Center  features internationally-renowned researchers in a broad variety of fields. Topics include FLIM, molecular imaging, neuroscience, and more. In addition to invited talks from leaders in the field, AIM2024 will include real lab demonstrations on campus, sponsor demonstrations, software tutorials, tours of UC Berkeley state-of-the-art imaging facilities, and a special reception at the outdoor lounge (weather permitting). This year will also bring back the popular poster session with prizes for student presenters. AIM includes gourmet lunch on-site each day, coffee breaks, and plenty of opportunities for interactions among participants. The workshop is organized by UCal Berkeley's Cancer Research Laboratory, Becker & Hickl and Boston Electronics. Register at
18 January 2024
Boston Electronics and Violumas Adds New UVA and UVB High Power Standard Products to Lineup
Boston Electronics and Violumas are proud to announce the addition of two products to its extensive, high power UV LED product lineup. Violumas now offers high power 2X2 modules in chip-on-board (COB) format for 325nm and 340nm. LEDs can be easily purchase form our online store: WC2X2C40L6-325 and WC2X2C40L9-340-V1provide the highest optical output in the market along with exceptional reliability (LT70 > 6,000 hours), enabling denser and more reliable designs. With four chips encapsulated under the same lens with a specially developed index boosting solution, the optical outputs of the COBs are four times as powerful as those of our previous products WC1X1C40L3-325 and WC1X1C40L3-340-V1. These new four-chip modules boast a 10.2% wall-plug efficiency at 340 nm (640 mW, 18 V, 350 mA) and a wall-plug efficiency of 3% at 325 nm (200 mW, 19 V, 350 mA). These high power 325nm and 340nm LEDs will help to further facilitate novel product development and research in biological analysis, spectroscopy, sensing, and medical applications. With the addition of these two new products, our product line offers full-spectrum UV LED solutions with products in the UVA, UVB, and UVC ranges. In addition to standard SMD and COB products, Violumas offers unique services involving custom array design, optical simulation services, and UV LED consultation.
18 January 2024
60 x 40 digital infrared thermopile array for remote temperature measurement and imaging
The HTPA 60x40d is a complete new generation of thermopile array and is filling the gap between 32x32 and 80x64. It comes with a wafer-level vacuum package and 45 µm pixel pitch. The HTPA 60x40d sets new standards for thermopile array sensitivity, size and speed. The digital SPI interface with only 6 pins gives frame rates of 21 Hz at full 16 bit ADC resolution.